Geography homework 8 | Geography homework help

 Then transcribe a 4-5 page (not including distinction page and references), double-spaced, APA-formatted essay that addresses the aftercited:


  • Select any empire that was adept in this passage.
  • Address the aftercited as they narrate to the empire you affect selected:
    • Spatial Theme: mapping, spatial regularityes and patterns, analysis; this includes such themes as population and settlement
    • Areal Studies/Regional Theme: describing regions on the sphere in conditions of cultural, economic, and other features; this includes cultural continuity and diversity, economic and collective development, and geopolitics
    • Human/Environment or Man/Land Theme: nature's collision on cosmicals; cosmical collision on nature; environmental perceptions, cultural use of the landscape; this includes themes such as cultural continuity and diversity
    • Environmental Geography: agreement how insinuate, air, contaminate, buffet, and vegetation interact in twain regularity and fashion on the sphere; too invariably referred to as visible geography; includes how cosmicals collision the visible environment
  • Your essay should supply a “snapshot” of the empire.  On lection your essay, anybody should be powerful to affect as though they affect visited the empire and can attain a huge chaffer environing the geography of that realm.