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Research Project:

 Food and Geography 

 Introduction: For this purpose, you'll cull a prop, such as pizza, or a cuisine, such as Italian cuisine, and then elimination how immodest geographic concepts are allied to and desire your select. Instead of presenting your elimination as a transmitted Nursing Dissertation, you'll use PowerPoint or resembling endowment software to fashion an graphic Nursing Dissertation. Your endowment succeed be structured relish a Nursing Dissertation, including a designation, preamble to the question, ocean subject, abridgment and falsifications, and belongences. Fanciful use of properly mentiond graphics and photos from the Internet pertinent to your question is required. This elimination assignment is prepared to investigate you to be fanciful as courteous as inform theme subject attainments. You are also investigated to acquire a new expertness/practice an corporeal expertness in exerciseing PowerPoint (or OpenOffice) software to your elimination. You succeed not discover the "answer" for this assignment in the extract or any other sole precipitation - this is an integrative assignment that requires you, the novice, to fashion your endowment template and exercise your own attainments on the assigned question. 

Due Date: Jan 17, 2018

 Instructions:  You MUST hold to the question - purposes acetous in that are not on the question succeed not be considered for grading.  Focus on geography.  Do not rendezvous perfectly on certainty or public certaintys/trivia.  First, cull a prop part or cuisine that interests you. Some succeed possess further advice helpful environing them than others, so it's estimate doing some search antecedently you fall on one. In public, any courteous unreserved general cuisine succeed possess liberal advice helpful, as succeed beloved prop parts relish hamburgers, pizza, and sushi. If you're not fast if your desired question is embezzle, delight feel bounteous to ask! Once you possess separated your question, you succeed then do elimination to see how each of the forthcoming geographic concepts desires or is allied to your question:  

1. Regions 

2. Cultural Landscape 

3. Diffusion 

4. Interspace dry-rot  

Distance dry-rot belongs to the certainty that govern and interaction betwixt precipitations decreases as the interspace betwixt them increases. As such, it has a forcible govern on how things veer as they verbose separate from their sharp-end of beginning. Be fast to discourse these inequitable geographic stipulations and concepts. You don't scarcity to discourse them in this appoint, but you do scarcity to discourse all of them. You should use "subsets" of these definitions (e.g. epidemic clearance) if such subsets rest. Be fast to behanker to your extract and other accepted media to enfast you perfectly interpret these concepts. You should be minute in your treatment of these concepts - for exemplification, you should interpret twain how and why your select varies by part, and how and why it has been desireed by interspace dry-rot. Remember that geography, as an academic strictness, seeks to interpret why things dissimilate from attribute to attribute, not reasonable draw how they do.  Your graphic Nursing Dissertation should be 12 to 15 slides hanker. You should conceive a designation, an preamble to the question, a ocean subject that covers how the immodest geographic concepts recount to your question, a abridgment, falsification, and belongence inventory. You should mention your sources using the extract phraseology embezzle for your scope. If you're not fast what that is, use APA phraseology extracts. You should use the Notes minority of the endowment to conceive copy extracts or URLs after a while the slides on which the copys answer. Do not conceive recipes, cooking instructions, or inventorys of ingredients. These are not pertinent to a geographic recital.