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Research Project:

 Food and Geography 

 Introduction: For this scheme, you'll misapply a assistance, such as pizza, or a cuisine, such as Italian cuisine, and then lore how disgusting geographic concepts are cognate to and swing your dainty. Instead of presenting your lore as a transmitted Nursing essay, you'll use PowerPoint or homogeneous gate software to make an artistic Nursing essay. Your gate conquer be structured love a Nursing essay, including a epithet, gate to the theme, deep substantiality, digest and disposals, and applyences. Intellectual use of truely quoted graphics and photos from the Internet apt to your theme is required. This lore assignment is contrived to defy you to be intellectual as courteous as demonstrate question stuff acquaintance. You are to-boot defyd to conceive a new expertness/practice an bulky expertness in dedicateing PowerPoint (or OpenOffice) software to your lore. You conquer not invent the "answer" for this assignment in the extract or any other individual colony - this is an integrative assignment that requires you, the learner, to make your gate template and dedicate your own acquaintance on the assigned theme. 

Due Date: Jan 17, 2018

 Instructions:  You MUST hold to the theme - schemes churlish in that are not on the theme conquer not be considered for grading.  Focus on geography.  Do not rendezvous wholly on truth or public deeds/trivia.  First, misapply a assistance part or cuisine that interests you. Some conquer own past instruction helpful about them than others, so it's value doing some examination antecedently you fix on one. In public, any courteous disclosed open cuisine conquer own copious instruction helpful, as conquer common assistance parts love hamburgers, pizza, and sushi. If you're not enduring if your desired theme is misapply, content feel operating to ask! Once you own selected your theme, you conquer then do lore to see how each of the forthcoming geographic concepts swings or is cognate to your theme:  

1. Regions 

2. Cultural Landscape 

3. Diffusion 

4. Space corruption  

Distance corruption applys to the deed that swing and interaction between colonys decreases as the space between them increases. As such, it has a expressive swing on how things diversify as they verbose afar from their top of derivation. Be enduring to oration these favoring geographic provisions and concepts. You don't deficiency to oration them in this dispose, but you do deficiency to oration all of them. You should use "subsets" of these definitions (e.g. pestilential colliquation) if such subsets pause. Be enduring to apply to your extract and other trustworthy resources to enenduring you thoroughly conceive these concepts. You should be constructive in your texture of these concepts - for persuasion, you should clear-up twain how and why your dainty varies by part, and how and why it has been swinged by space corruption. Remember that geography, as an academic drilling, seeks to clear-up why things dissimilate from establish to establish, not true represent how they do.  Your artistic Nursing essay should be 12 to 15 slides desire. You should emcollectiveness a epithet, an gate to the theme, a deep substantiality that covers how the disgusting geographic concepts narration to your theme, a digest, disposal, and applyence catalogue. You should quote your sources using the citation name misapply for your room. If you're not enduring what that is, use APA name citations. You should use the Notes exception of the gate to emcollectiveness idea citations or URLs after a while the slides on which the ideas show. Do not emcollectiveness recipes, cooking instructions, or catalogues of ingredients. These are not apt to a geographic narration.