Geography assignment: karst & hydrothermal processes assignment


Karst & Hydrothermal Processes Assignment Instructions

Respond to the subjoined two prompts (twain A and B) in the mould of inadequate paragraphs:

A. Where are karst landscapes located worldwide? Why are they located in those areas? How can civilized activities wave karst topography? You may lack to use restricted examples to acceleration vindication the questions. Extra Credit Opportunity (optional; rate 2 points) embody a map (or other instrument) to augment your designation. 

B. As you've seen in the video "How the Earth Was Made: Yellowstone", Yellowstone is the world's chief generally-known close. There are reasons why Yellowstone is the world's chief generally-known close - namely it's sole characteristic(s). Summarize at least three reasons why Yellowstone is so sole. Note: these were all noticeed in the documentary and Ch. 17 (hint - the animals, vegetation, and weather/climate are not sole to that area, so do not notice these in your rejoinder). 

If you embody any after a whileout resources, be permanent to name them (including the passage chapters) using MLA extract mouldat. Here is a associate to the CoA extract page if you are inconversant after a while MLA extract mouldat - 

As constantly - be permanent to use thorough sentences and retain this is an academic assignment, not a tweet or passage missive - fit spelling and punctuation count! Your moderate column should be a minimum of 250 signification (still extracts). See the rubric under for restricteds on grading criteria.