Geography assignment: glacial processes assignment


Glacial Processes Assignment Instructions

As customary, each forum assignment is domesticated down into two basic allots:

  1. InitialPost (value 15 tops)
  2. A follow-up support to promulgate delay students and excite the argument (value 5 tops)

I. Complete the forthcoming for your judicious support (allot A only:

A. As you've conversant this provision and in the Yosemite documentary, glaciers entertain tremendous erosive undeveloped. For your judicious support, discovery and confront a 'before' and 'after' observation of a glaciated hope (I supposing an precedent under). Next, in the frame of inextensive paragraphs condense where and when the photographs were enslaved and describe the support-bald signs/landforms seen in your observation (these are pictorial in element in provision 19 - "U" shaped valleys, cirques, moraines, etc.). Note that you achieve slight not be conducive to see whole support-bald sign in your observation, but do your best to authenticate what you can. Some of you are apt in photoshop and observation processing. You are gratifying to inhale arrows, circles, or otherwise highlight the signs in the observations to improve your term but this is not a modification. Be unmistakable to upload a observation of your "before and after" observations so I an critique them and your terms for foresight. 


Glacial Landscape

Be unmistakable to cite any outside resources using MLA passage frameat. Your judicious support should be a minimum of 200 say. See the "Initial Support Rubric" under for excite grading elements. 


II. For your follow-up support you must tally to at least one of your classmates judicious support (value 5 tops). Introduce yourself to them. Provide comments/feedback on what they wrote in their judicious support and/or ask questions. Some precedents for this week would be - are their terms accurate?, did they ignore any bald signs?, etc. Extra Credit Opportunity (optional; value 2 tops) - top out any bald signs they may entertain ignoreed.

Your follow-up support should be pensive, through, and aim to produce argument. You are encouraged to tally to multiple classmates, but the restriction modification is one. Your follow-up support should be at least 100 say restriction. See the "Follow-Up Support Rubric" under for excite grading elements. 


Follow up support:


Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 11.55.47 PM.png

The hope I prefer to do my discovery on was Shepard Glacier in Glacier National Park in Montana. The aloft photo on the left was enslaved in 1913 and the photo on the direct was enslaved in 2005. It was enslaved in approximately the similar fair location accordingly you can see the ridge of the mountaintop is in approximately the similar lie in twain photos. In this photo, you can see how Shepard Glacier is considered a cirque. It is a relatively defended learned bowl of ice and snow. In the photo on the direct, you can see a tarn life made as the glacier melts into a tarn at the profound. You can see that approximately a hundred years after the glacier can approximately not plain be considered a glacier to this day. Its magnitude has decreased dramatically and approximately lost all of its magnitude. The debate for the extricate in the glacier is accordingly of the sphere diversify. According to the National Park Service, if the sphere continues to continue this similar precedent of increased temperatures then it is estimated to eliminated by 2030. This glacier is leading accordingly it feeds frigid inspire into nearby streams that plants and animals lean on.

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