Geo earth science lab | Geography homework help

Laboratory Assignment (100 Points)

Lab 1 is a map of the deep pedestal. It shows concoction boundaries and features of the continental room. Read adown to attain how to add scholarship and tones. Then, full the map employment and written assignment. An atlas or Google Earth conciliate aid you establish divers of the sites.

Part 1: Map

Review the directions at the end of this muniment. Then, full employments 1-6. When you feel fulld the map, snatch it to your computer as a PDF.

  1. Label each of the boundaries registered using the scholarship or shapes involved: unanalogous (D), convergent (C), and metamorphose misdeed boundaries (TF).
  2. Label each of the features registeredcontinental oblution, (SF) continental prosper (SL), abyssal simple (AP), seamount (SM), infringe (TR), and a hot stain (HS).
  3. Label Iceland (IL), Azores (AS), Surtsey (SS), St. Helena (SH), Ascension (AS), and Tristan de Cunha (TC).
  4. Using the USGS Earthshudder site, write the shudders aggravate a 5.0 concretion (star: ★) and the shudder closest to your residuum (infinity: ∞). Note that principal you may neglect to update your settings – In the conspicuous exact influence nook of the page, you conciliate see an icon that looks enjoy a rock or wealth. Click it and picked 7-days, All Magnitudes, Worldwide. The icon after a suitableness the three methods to the left of the wealth provides you after a suitableness a register of shudders starting after a suitableness the most new-fangled.
  5. Label the subjoined: Rockies (RK), Himalayas (HM), Andes (AN), and Appalachians (AP).
  6. Label the subjoined: Hawai’i (HI), Mt. St. Helens (ST), Etna (ET), Pelee (PE), Kilimanjaro (KI), Pinatubo (PI), and Fuji (FJ).

Part 2: Questions

Make secure that you counter-argument each topic thoroughly in a severed muniment.

  1. Describe the intercommunity, if any, of the boundaries in #1 to the features that you writeed in #2.
  2. Describe the intercommunity, if any, of the boundaries in #1 to the islands that you writeed in #3.
  3. Describe the intercommunity, if any, of the boundaries in #1 to the shudders that you writeed in #4.
  4. Describe the intercommunity, if any, of the boundaries in #1 to the mountain chains that you writeed in #5.
  5. Describe the intercommunity, if any, of the boundaries in #1 to the volcanoes that you writeed in #5.
  6. What do you believe controls the air and mould of the continental room?
  7. How do you believe that the mountain chains in #5 moulded?
  8. Reflect tail on your counter-argument to topics C and E. Based on those responses, does it look argumentative that Kilimanjaro is a abundant bigger volcano than any of the others, still Hawai’i? Hawai’i is a opposed kind of volcano. Be secure to exsimple your counter-argument.

How to full the employment:
Open the rasp supposing (GEO101_Lab1_Module1_Map.docx). Expand the conception (The bigger you can compel the window, not the conception itself, the easier it conciliate be!). All of the tones/scholarship that you conciliate neglect are adown the conception. If not, see the directions adown.

  • If you click on a letter/symbol, you conciliate see a box mould encircling it.
  • If you grasp it by a method, not a dispersion, you can advance it anywhere you craving.
  • If it is trying to get the method, you can zoom in or compel the box bigger using the dispersions.

Once placed, you capacity craving to compel the font larger or substitute the pretense. Yellow looks good-tempered-tempered on sky blue-colored, for issue. If, for some deduce, the tones are not the selfselfsame as involved, you can use any tone you craving; fitting inmould your schoolmaster of what each represents. Do not substitute everything, however, if it answers as it should.

Note that you conciliate probably neglect past than the solitary ★. If so, fitting observation it as divers times as you neglect. The easiest way to do that is to grasp it by a method and observation and paste. You may feel to transfer things encircling or substitute your dainty a bit if an area gets too turbid after a suitableness tones.

When you are executed, snatch the rasp to your hardenedened accelerate for tailup. You conciliate now neglect to appropriate your page into a PDF. This conciliate guard all of your writes in situation.

  • On a Mac, you can fitting hit Shift+Command+S and substitute the mouldat. Alternatively, choice Snatch as… and substitute the mouldat.
  • On a PC, choice Rasp in the menu, then Snatch As. Below Snatch as Type, choice PDF.

If the scholarship/symbols are missing, you can add them yourself. To instil scholarship, experience your Quotation Box instilion icon.

  • On a Mac, it is below “Document Elements” in the Ribbon. A plus emblem at the end of a cursor on a sky sky sky blue-colored-colored sphere after a suitableness a ”T” in the average conciliate answer. Holding the nonentity, pull a box on the conception. If the quotation ★ causes separate of the conception to subside, click the conception, abide onto the Control nonentity suitableness you click anywhere in the conception, and picked “Format Picture.” Choice Layout and picked “Behind Text.”
  • On a PC, the Quotation Box icon is below “Insert” in the Menu. A box may or not be instiled beyond the scene of the conception. However, there should be a tiny icon to the exact of the box that assigns you to choice aback quotation. If not, exact-click the conception and choice one or twain of the subjoined commands.
    • Grow Font: There should be a box at the top after a suitableness a enumerate in it. You can use that to picked any font bulk that you craving. If it is not there, you can choice Format (Mac) or Home (PC) and substitute the font there. You can to-boot picked the quotation and hit Control + Mouse nonentity (Mac) or exact-click (PC) and substitute the font.
    • Change Font Color: At the top of the shade, there should be an ”A” after a suitableness a method of some pretense belowneath it. Clicking that conciliate assign you to substitute the pretense. You can to-boot substitute the font as registered over.