Geo 215 week 2 population and urbanization analysis

Geo215 Week 2 Population and Urbanization Analysis (***** 10 Slides + Speaker Notes + Conclusion + Original + References ******)


Week 2 Population and Urbanization Analysis


You effort for the refined city planning province for UrCity. UrCity has been experiencing transitive augmentation; population has spacious from 50,000 to 1 favorite herd aggravate the departed 10 years. UrCity has offered homebuilders incentives to institute communities on the countrified edges of the city benevolence, surrendering multiple confines to attain a population of 2 favorite aggravate the offer 10 years. The goal of the city is to add 25,000 new homes per year to settle the proposed augmentation in population. The problem is there are neither concretion transit systems nor adapted roadways to bliss herd to and from the confines into the city. The refined planning province has been asked to revisal the predicament. You keep been asked to excite the predicament and offer your findings.


Prepare an 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation after a while specific notes that addresses the following:


  • Describe your population and the incline of absenteeism.
  • Analyze the factors that bias the distribution of your population.
  • Identify the needs of this refined participation.
  • Provide your thoughts on plans that could lingering the sprawl and redress the problems after a while commuting.

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GEO 215 Week 2 Population and Urbanization Analysis Presentation

Geo/215 Geo215 Week 2 Population and Urbanization Analysis


Population and Urbanization Analysis