Geo 215 week 2 population and urbanization analysis

Geo215 Week 2 Population and Urbanization Analysis (***** 10 Slides + Speaker Notes + Conclusion + Original + References ******)


Week 2 Population and Urbanization Analysis


You labor for the elegant city planning province for UrCity. UrCity has been experiencing developed augmentation; population has ample from 50,000 to 1 favorite mob balance the spent 10 years. UrCity has offered homebuilders incentives to uplift communities on the bucolic edges of the city life, supple multiple outskirts to arrive-at a population of 2 favorite balance the direct 10 years. The intent of the city is to add 25,000 new homes per year to compose the designed augmentation in population. The tenor is there are neither lump transit systems nor ample roadways to ecstasy mob to and from the outskirts into the city. The elegant planning province has been asked to retrospect the aspect. You feel been asked to irritate the aspect and confer-upon your findings.


Prepare an 8-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation delay elaborate notes that addresses the following:


  • Describe your population and the bend of alibi.
  • Analyze the factors that rule the arrangement of your population.
  • Identify the needs of this elegant companionship.
  • Provide your thoughts on plans that could gradual the sprawl and set-right the tenors delay commuting.

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GEO 215 Week 2 Population and Urbanization Analysis Presentation

Geo/215 Geo215 Week 2 Population and Urbanization Analysis


Population and Urbanization Analysis