Edmg220 b002 fall 15: week 5 forum -hazards adjustment

Week 5 Forum



Hazard adjustments take that race speed after a while a infallible range of threats that can be prevented or diminishing through infallible actions.




For this forum, transcribe a support that answers the following:




1. Pick two stakes that are stipulated in your hometown. 




Those two stakes should succeed from the five stake types that are discussed in Chapter 5 of Fundamentals of Emergency Management.




Those five stake types are:




     1. Meteorological


     2. Hydrological


     3. Geophysical


     4. Technological


     5. Biological




2. What stake adjustments would you confide grounded on these two stakes?




Please rouse a new continuity when creating your judicious support and transcribe any responses to others after a whilein their massive discourse continuitys. 


Please transcribe a poverty of 350 utterance for your judicious support due by 11:55pm ET on Thursday.   


Please thoughtfully response to at least two other students judicious supports due by 11:55pm ET on Sunday.    


Your replies must comprehend a poverty of 150 utterance.




To assent-to generous reputation for this forum, you must to-boot measure the confabulation throughout the week by responseing end to those that replied to you. (Please see the Forum Expectations announcement in the classroom).




Grading Rubric:  All forums procure be scored according to the sturdy rubric.