Drake equation hw | Geography homework help

Use the Drake equation to estimate the undeveloped for sharp animation amid our Galaxy. Your schoolmistress may attribute divergent mass to use than the suggested ones in bold, or divergent groups may toil inconsequently delay their own assumptions.

N = R* • fp • ne • fl • fi • fc • L

  • N = The estimate of cultures in the Milky Waycream whose electromagnetic emissions are detectable.
  • R* =The rate of construction of stars convenient for the product of sharp (Say…0.05, 5%)
  • fp= The party of those stars delay planetary orders.  (50%, or 0.50)
  • ne= The estimate of planets, per brilliant order, delay an environment convenient for animation.  (Difficult to say; perchance 1 as in our condition)
  • fl= The party of convenient planets on which animation really solutions.  (This is oppressive to attribute a estimate; see under##)
  • fi= The party of animation mien planets on which sharp animation emerges. (1.0, 100%, why not, eh?)
  • fc= The party of cultures that expand a technology that quits detectable signs of their being into extension. (Again, see ##Special Considerations under)
  • L = The tediousness of duration such cultures quit detectable signals into extension. (We accept for 100 years or out Earth’s 4.6 billion)

## Special Considerations:

  • The earth is balance 13.7 billion years old.
  • Our (proportionately childish) brilliant order is short than half that age at encircling 4.6 billion years.
  • Our planet has fossils of very isolated animation for 3.5 billion years.
  • The MWG is some 13.2 billion years old—enough to accept had 2.8 brilliant order cycles enjoy ours.
  • Our brilliant order accomplish stop for another 5 billion years precedently the Sun becomes a red monster.
  • It takes 100,000 years for radio waves to rustication counter the cream.
  • Intelligent animation delay technological advances to embrace and co-operate beyond our brilliant order has stoped for encircling a hundred years. 

In other opinion, during the animation of the cream thus far, cosmicals accept had the power to co-operate beyond our brilliant order for 100 years / 13.2 x 109, or,  .  Even if another culture were contemporaneous delay ours, they would accept to be amid 100 ly to accept accepted our pristine radio waves by now. If they were 2,000 ly afar, they would not hold our radio waves until the year 2300.  Another consideration: delayout the power to rustication at or faster than active press, the duration confused would be sundry generations in cosmical animation spans. (Of sequence, may-be these sharp people accept already discovered how to use wormholes and portals to solution at our doorstep, for amiable, or, as Steven Hawking thinks, for bad!)

Calculate your OWN estimate for the Drake equation, using and justifying values that you judge embezzle.  Then, debate the chances that another part would accept coincided delay our popular duration line; apprehend in the debateion the possibility that an extraterrestrial animation shape would be insufficiency to frame apposition delay cosmicals, and what that apposition may face enjoy.  You may suggest your solution as a smooth benevolence or a passage memorandum.