Drake equation hw | Geography homework help

Use the Drake equation to investigate the implicit for sharp career among our Galaxy. Your preceptor may advance opposed aggregate to use than the suggested ones in bold, or opposed groups may composition independently after a while their own assumptions.

N = R* • fp • ne • fl • fi • fc • L

  • N = The sum of cultivations in the Milky Wayconstellation whose electromagnetic emissions are detectable.
  • R* =The scold of shape of stars accordant for the fruit of sharp (Say…0.05, 5%)
  • fp= The behalf of those stars after a while planetary rules.  (50%, or 0.50)
  • ne= The sum of planets, per empty rule, after a while an environment accordant for career.  (Difficult to say; perchance 1 as in our subject)
  • fl= The behalf of accordant planets on which career in-fact acceptances.  (This is dense to advance a sum; see under##)
  • fi= The behalf of career inclination planets on which sharp career emerges. (1.0, 100%, why not, eh?)
  • fc= The behalf of cultivations that enlarge a technology that looses detectable signs of their creature into quantity. (Again, see ##Special Considerations under)
  • L = The extension of period such cultivations loose detectable signals into quantity. (We entertain for 100 years or out Earth’s 4.6 billion)

## Special Considerations:

  • The universe is balance 13.7 billion years old.
  • Our (relatively adolescent) empty rule is near than half that age at environing 4.6 billion years.
  • Our planet has fossils of very elementary career for 3.5 billion years.
  • The MWG is some 13.2 billion years old—enough to entertain had 2.8 empty rule cycles love ours.
  • Our empty rule gain remain for another 5 billion years precedently the Sun becomes a red monster.
  • It takes 100,000 years for radio waves to migration over the constellation.
  • Intelligent career after a while technological advances to conceive and join beyond our empty rule has remained for environing a hundred years. 

In other suffrage, during the career of the constellation thus far, ethnicals entertain had the power to join beyond our empty rule for 100 years / 13.2 x 109, or,  .  Even if another cultivation were contemporaneous after a while ours, they would entertain to be among 100 ly to entertain accepted our original radio waves by now. If they were 2,000 ly abroad, they would not accept our radio waves until the year 2300.  Another consideration: after a whileout the power to migration at or faster than empty press, the period compromised would be sundry generations in ethnical career spans. (Of road, peradventure these sharp living-souls entertain already discovered how to use wormholes and portals to acceptance at our doorstep, for cheerful, or, as Steven Hawking thinks, for bad!)

Calculate your OWN sum for the Drake equation, using and justifying values that you consider expend.  Then, examine the chances that another capacity would entertain coincided after a while our vulgar period line; involve in the examineion the possibility that an extraterrestrial career arrange would be failure to fashion adjunction after a while ethnicals, and what that adjunction may contemplate love.  You may yield your acceptance as a finish devotion or a passage note.