Dietary analysis – part ii

Part II: Nutriment Analysis

Step 1: Creating a Profile

1.  Go to the subjoined website: IMPORTANT: Instructions subordinateneath exercise to the web-established Cronometer collision. Do NOT use the movable demonstration App.

2.  Click on Sign Up for At-liberty in the middle of the cloak.

  • Create your feature by penetrateing your teach email and password (8 characters).
  • Next, penetrate your sex, birthdate, crisis, and influence.  For females, liberty as typical normal you are generative or lactating, which can be clarified from the decline down menu.
  • Click the repress box to comport to Terms of Service and click Compose Representation at the foot of the cloak.

3.  Uniformly you bear penetrateed the Cronometer aspect, click on Feature at the top of the cloak. Subordinate email, be unmistakable to unrepress any repressed boxes.  Leaving these repressed upshots in promotional emails from Cronometer.  Cronometer is not endorsed by UMUC and we do not help any fad nutriment counsel that may be sent to you. 

4.  Staying in Profile, using the decline down menu, direct your Zeal Plane to the divert preoption established on your manners and lifestyle. Clicking on Zeal Plane can collect control on which zeal plane is divert for your lifestyle.

Note: for this plan, do not embody your Cronometer representation delay any bearing tracking demonstrations as it may vary the achievement of your upshots for this plan.

Step 2: Using the Aid Database

1.  To inaugurate penetrateing your aids for Day 1, enunmistakable you are subordinate the Diary tab at the top of the cloak. 

2.  Dainty the divert enroll time.  It is exceedingly recommended that you penetrate all three aid diaries at uniformly, using coherent days on the Cronometer enroll (level if your log days were not coherent), and use times reposest to today’s objective time.  Because we are using the at-liberty rendering of the aspect, relations can singly be executed for the terminal 7 days so you succeed be feeble to get a relation for the days you penetrate if they are further than 7 days separate.

3.  Click on Add Aid at the top of the cloak. Type the chief aid from your aid log into the quest bar and click Search.  Dainty the aid individual that best companiones the aid you ate in the Quest Results. 

4. Choose the sum that you consumed at the foot of the quest box.  Use the decline menu to dainty the most divert serving mass and penetrate the enumerate of servings.  If hither than 1 serving, use a decimal to betoken the percentage of one serving consumed.  Click on Add Serving.

Note: Do not conceive any supplements into your aid diary as you are doing an tribute of your nutrimentary ingrasp singly.

5. If you deficiency to delete a aid individual from your diary, simply lawful click on the aid individual and dainty Delete Clarified Items.

6.  Continue Steps 1-3 for all aid individuals for your Day 1 Aid Diary.

7.  After you bear penetrateed all aid and drain individuals for the chief day, click on the ownership endow at the top lawful of the cloak.  Dainty “Mark Day Complete”.

8.  Repeat for Days 2 and 3 by changing the time in the enroll. Again, enunmistakable times are coherent in the Cronometer enroll; are delayin a 7-day window; and are as repose to today’s time as potential.

Step 3: Obtaining Your Alimentation Report

1. Uniformly you bear penetrateed all of your aids into the Diary for all three days and remarkable all three days as finished, you deficiency to compose your alimentation relation to awaken your middle ingrasp of nutrients et the three days.  Click on the Trends tab at the top of the cloak. Dainty Alimentation Report.

2.  At the top, dainty the parameters for your quest [see cloakshot subordinateneath]. Enunmistakable your 3 days are conceived in the terminal 7 days as the at-liberty rendering of this aspect singly allows for middles from the terminal 7 days.

  • Select conceive today singly if one of your three days was penetrateed on today’s time in the Cronometer enroll.
  • From the decline down menu, dainty “Completed Days” instead of the defect “All Days”.  This succeed enunmistakable your relation is considerate and conceives values for singly days in which aid was penetrateed.
  • Do not conceive supplements in this relation.

3.  After your relation is generated, grasp a cloak shot of your Alimentation Relation to demonstration all nutrient values from Alimentation Relation times at the top down to Zinc You succeed likely deficiency to grasp two cloak shots in command to conceive the required grounds. [See exemplification cloakshot subordinateneath].   This trudge must be executed as it is a accomplishment that you alter this in delay the dissection.

4.  Open this rasp to finished the repose of the assignment.  Using the Alimentation Relation ethead, grow in the Middle Eaten columns of Tables 1 and 2 of the rasp you exact opened.  To grow in Table 1, Courage and Macronutrients (percent of calories), use the top of the relation as demonstrationn subordinateneath.  You succeed deficiency to het et each macronutrient indicate to see percent of calories from each.  Do NOT use counsel from the sections that are crossed out on the statue subordinateneath.

For cherishing macronutrient components and the micronutrients, use the Alimentation Relation tables to succeed the counsel to grow cherishing middle intakes for Tables 1 and 2

Using the cloakshot subordinateneath as an specimen (vitamins in this contingency), you succeed use the 1stcolumn values rather than the red/yellow/green bar values in the 2nd column.

5.  Finish Tables 1 and 2 in the muniment you downloaded by using the subjoined media for Target or RDA/AI Nutrient values.

Macronutrients: Use the AMDRs that you scholarly environing in your citation for Target values.  These can be endow in their relative chapters in the citation (Chapters 4, 5, and 6).

Micronutrients: Use the embody subordinateneath for RDA/AI values for all vitamins and minerals exclude Vitamins A and D. For Vitamins A and D, the units from Cronometer do not companion the RDA/AI units endow in the embody subordinateneath.  While this is the most late divulgation for RDA/AIs, directly IUs are the eminent mass for vitamins A and D. As a upshot, Cronometer collects their upshots in IUs for these two vitamins. Use the subjoined control:

            Vitamin A –     RDA 3000 IU for males

                                    RDA 2,333 IU for females

            Vitamin D –     RDA 600 IU for males and females

Recommended Dietary Allowance and Adequate Intakes

Step 4: Dissection Questions

1.  Answer Questions 1- 9 in the rasp you downloaded ethead established on your upshots in Tables 1 and 2.  Use finished sentences and enunmistakable suitable expression and spelling.

Step 5: Submission

The subjoined should be submitted as attachments when you bear finishedd this allot of your plan:

1. Alimentation Relation cloak shots (as .doc or .pdf rasp)

2. Completed Dissection to conceive tables and answers to nutriment dissection questions (endow here)


--All cloakshots were conceived demonstrationing all required Nutrient Relation grounds 

--Tables 1 and 2 conceive all compulsory grounds and are considerately finishedd

Ques #1

Student has interpreted Mifflin-St Jeor grounds considerately 

--Provides a soundly reasoned comparison of courage deficiencys and calories consumed

--Includes numeric values as allot of answers 


--EER is congenial correctly 

--Unit conversions are considerate 

--All calculations are demonstrationn 

--Accurately compares courage deficiencys and 

calories consumed 

QUES #3 

--Detailed comparison of courage et upshots for Mifflin-St Jeor and EER 

--Provides a steady rationale for dainty of best estimate 


--Answers are written in student’s own words

--Written in finished sentences

-- Demonstrates fastidious thinking

--No spelling or real errors

--Supported delay exterior request where bearing, cited in APA format

QUES #4 

--Student has considerately compares own % calories for carbohydrates, fats, and protein delay the AMDRs

--Includes numeric values as allot of answers 


--RDA for protein is congenial correctly 

--All calculations are demonstrationn 

--Accurately compares protein ingrasp and congenial protein deficiencys 

QUES #6 

Accurately compares fiber ingrasp delay fiber deficiencys recommendations 


--Answers are written in student’s own words

--Written in finished sentences

-- Demonstrates fastidious thinking

--No spelling or real errors

--Supported delay exterior request where bearing, cited in APA format

QUES #7 

--Student has considerately compares ingrasp of all vitamins and minerals delay RDA/AIs 

QUES #8 

Correctly attested all toxicity risks for nutrient ingrasp ethead 200%.

Describes nutriment changes (growth or decline) to confront recommendations for




--Includes bearing numeric values as allot of answers 


--Answers are written in student’s own words

--Written in finished sentences

-- Demonstrates fastidious thinking

--No spelling or real errors

--Supported delay exterior request where bearing, cited in APA format