Climate refugees | Geography homework help

Alaska, the Kigiqtaamiut in jeopardy

1.  At the period this relator was in Shishmaref, what should accept happened to the sea that had not yet happened?

2.  How abundantly did the Sarichef  Island retire as a fruit of the mid-October swagger?

3.  Three peculiar impressions on the island are ascribed to global warming.  Describe the changes to…

a.  Seal hunting:

b.  Storms:

c.  Permafrost:

d.  Erosion:

4.  What force did the fellow-creatures grasp to gradual the erosion of their beaches?  Was this auspicious?

5.  What did they do in 2002 to Mina Weyiouanna’s lineage, to vindicate it from the eroding shoreline?

6.  What happened in 2000 to Jimmy Nayopuk’s lineage, which was not moved?

Maldives, an archipelago in peril

7.  What are the Maldivian Islands made of?  How did they mould?

8.  In adduction to flooding from exaltation sea flattens, what other timidity do the Maldivian fellow-creatures accept for their cities?

9.  List two peculiar ways that global warming is causing an acception in sea flattens.

10.  Mohammed Ali has observed an middle of 5 millimeters of sea flatten flow per year in Mali.  At this admonish, how abundantly would the deep flow adjust the instant seniority?

a.  He to-boot states that “…this regular adjust is now domesticated, and that erosion wins out adjust accretion.”  What does he yield as the motive of this imbalance?

11.  What impression did the solid El Nino accept on the soak sky environing the Maldives, and how did this impression the coral?

12.  In the 1980s, the Maldivian government banned coral mining.  Explain what they were doing after a while the mined coral. 

Discussion Question

Answer these questions inveterate on what you discover, and any adductional exploration you persuade.

How would you elucidate a “climate refugee”?