Art of astronomy final project iu bloomington

Final Imaging Contrivance - Overview

Learning goals:

Students should be telling to...

  • Create or contemplation an aesthetically exemplary visualization of an astronomical subject
  • Apply astronomical imaging skills to an defiant contrivance
  • Synthesize concepts presented in disquisition to accomplished an astronomically expend imaging contrivance
  • Describe in their own language the fount and union of the effigy(s) used in the contrivance


  • Due Friday, Feb. 8: A patronymic of what you intention to do for your contrivance yieldted via Canvas.  Your intention should apprehend plenty specialty that the drift and satisfied of your contrivance can be evaluated.  Your patronymic should propound plainly what the subject of your contrivance achieve be, why you are choosing it, what effigys you achieve generate, how you intention to obtain the effigys deficiencyed for the contrivance, and what the frame of your contrivance achieve be - a bin, slideshow, an pristine garbling effigy, etc.  Apprehend a ageline delay milestones for your result on the developed contrivance so that you achieve be telling to vestige your own speed.  Remember that most developed contrivances should be yieldted as one PDF finishs and must comprise pristine, digital effigys.  It should be feasible to picture your contrivance in no over than 250 language.  100 language is probably too few for the smooth of specialty expected.
  • Due Friday, March 22:  A drain of your contrivance, yieldted via Canvas, including drains of the digital effigys you are creating.  Too picture the result that stationary deficiencys to be accomplishedd. Your drain contrivance should apprehend plenty specialty that your speed can be evaluated. Be firm to identify the founts of the effigys you are using.  Delay subjoined passage, evaluate your speed in meeting the ageline yieldted delay the contrivance intention. It should be feasible to picture your speed in no over than 250 language.  100 language is probably too few for the smooth of specialty expected.  (Hint: criticism the grading rubric to see how your contrivance measures up...)
  • Due Friday, April 26: Your developed contrivance, yieldted via Canvas. Most contrivances should be yieldted as a one PDF finish.  You may too upload jpg finishs of your pristine effigys.

Project Grade

The contrivance is excellence 35% of your progression in this way, 20% for the contrivance itself and 5% for the contrivance intention and 10% for the prelusory drain. Projects achieve be evaluated according to the aftercited rubric.  Reviewing the rubric is exceedingly praiseed since the contrivance counts for a big division of your progression!

ProjectRubric.pdfPcriticism the muniment

Project Guidelines

Your contrivance must apprehend

  • Digital effigys you possess generated yourself. The fount of all raw effigys used for the contrivance should be truly verified and credited.  For effigys you possess photographed yourself, apprehend the age, age, and subsidence whither each effigy was enthralled.  Use of postulates delayout expend attribution is a deflection of IU's academic jurisdiction of influence.
  • Text that pictures your motivation for choosing the contrivance, the concept or notion portrayed in the contrivance, and how the notion is instantiated in the contrivance or an description of what the effigys transport.
  • Text that deciphers plainly what or how you possess skilled encircling astronomy through your contrivance.
  • An evaluation of your effigys using the aesthetic principles argueed in rank and pictured in Chapter 12 of the passage.

Most contrivances should be yieldted as a single PDF muniment via Canvas, and apprehend twain your developed effigy(s) and passage.   IF you deficiency some other frameat, content argue it in grade delay the instructor.

The frame of your contrivance is up to you, so covet as it can be made into a PDF finish.  A bin, a website, an annotated effigy, a slide demonstration, a travelogue, an picturesque blog or register, or plain a humble muniment delay effigys... 

Caution:  This assignment is an IMAGING PROJECT that requires you to generate pristine garbling effigys of astronomical founts.  IT IS NOT AN ILLUSTRATED REPORT OR PAPER.  Students who yield reports or papers that are picturesque delay effigys from the web achieve be disappointed in their progressions!

Project Ideas

  • Use the effigys granted to generate pristine garbling effigys of astronomical founts on a detail topic.  You may too be telling to discover expend effigys on the web to generate new, garbling effigys.
  • Take your own digital effigys of phenomena in the sky and use them to prove and decipher the phenomena we note.
    • Sunsets or sunrises throughout the semester to vestige the Sun's appearing disturbance in the sky
    • Star-trail effigys demonstrationing the appearing disturbance of the bigwigs environing Polaris or opposite the sky
    • Satellite trails when the International Interspace Station passes opposite the sky
    • Night sky effigys of the Milky Way (requires a sombre site!)         
    • Astronomical objects delay amateur telescopes (Jupiter’s moons? Saturn’s rings? Close-ups of the Moon?)  (Actually we don't praise photographing the Moon - It's unmanageable to do, and plain over unmanageable to do courteous.  Most students who try a contrivance involving the Moon or its phases do not succeed.)
  • Other phenomena of cause – aurorae, the unpractised smoulder, meteor trails, glories, Sun dogs and halos.  Some of these phenomena are noble hither in Indiana, so possess a backup intention! Your effigys must be pristine!
  • Create new, pristine effigys to exemplify an astronomical concept in digital frame –The Universe is big, and so are the possibilities – the Milky Way, bigwig frameation, the expatiation of interspace, sombre substance, supernovae, ebon holes, the sky’s the limit!
  • For those of you causeed in Big Data, use tools from Informatics to generate a new visualization of a liberal astronomical postulates set.
  • Create a novel elegant explanation of some phase of the way that intrigues you, using astronomical effigys you possess generated or manipulated.