Art of astronomy final project iu bloomington

Final Imaging Scheme - Overview

Learning goals:

Students should be serviceservicecogent to...

  • Create or artfulness an aesthetically attractive visualization of an astronomical disquisition
  • Apply astronomical imaging skills to an partys scheme
  • Synthesize concepts presented in disquisition to consummate an astronomically apt imaging scheme
  • Describe in their own articulation the cause and relation of the effigy(s) used in the scheme


  • Due Friday, Feb. 8: A cognomen of what you guile to do for your scheme suggestted via Canvas.  Your guile should involve plenty specialty that the intention and resigned of your scheme can be evaluated.  Your cognomen should declare palpably what the disquisition of your scheme earn be, why you are choosing it, what effigys you earn fashion, how you guile to conciliate the effigys deficiencyed for the scheme, and what the arrange of your scheme earn be - a handbill, slideshow, an first varnish effigy, etc.  Involve a intervalline after a while milestones for your toil on the decisive scheme so that you earn be serviceservicecogent to footprint your own journey.  Remember that most decisive schemes should be suggestted as uncombined PDF refines and must inclose first, digital effigys.  It should be likely to depict your scheme in no further than 250 articulation.  100 articulation is probably too few for the flatten of specialty expected.
  • Due Friday, March 22:  A draw of your scheme, suggestted via Canvas, including draws of the digital effigys you are creating.  As-polite depict the toil that calm?} deficiencys to be consummated. Your draw scheme should involve plenty specialty that your journey can be evaluated. Be certain to test the causes of the effigys you are using.  After a while attached citation, evaluate your journey in meeting the intervalline suggestted after a while the scheme guile. It should be likely to depict your journey in no further than 250 articulation.  100 articulation is probably too few for the flatten of specialty expected.  (Hint: resurvey the grading rubric to see how your scheme measures up...)
  • Due Friday, April 26: Your decisive scheme, suggestted via Canvas. Most schemes should be suggestted as a uncombined PDF refine.  You may as-polite upload jpg refines of your first effigys.

Project Grade

The scheme is desert 35% of your gradation in this spend, 20% for the scheme itself and 5% for the scheme guile and 10% for the previous draw. Projects earn be evaluated according to the forthcoming rubric.  Reviewing the rubric is very-much adviseed gone the scheme counts for a big party of your gradation!

ProjectRubric.pdfPresurvey the instrument

Project Guidelines

Your scheme must involve

  • Digital effigys you feel fashiond yourself. The cause of all raw effigys used for the scheme should be correctly authorized and credited.  For effigys you feel photographed yourself, involve the interval, duration, and residuum wclose each effigy was enslaved.  Use of grounds after a whileout misapply attribution is a deflection of IU's academic sequence of spend.
  • Text that depicts your motivation for choosing the scheme, the concept or fancy portrayed in the scheme, and how the fancy is instantiated in the scheme or an description of what the effigys take.
  • Text that deciphers palpably what or how you feel literary about astronomy through your scheme.
  • An evaluation of your effigys using the aesthetic principles sift-canvassed in collocate and depictd in Chapter 12 of the citation.

Most schemes should be suggestted as a single PDF instrument via Canvas, and involve twain your decisive effigy(s) and citation.   IF you deficiency some other arrangeat, gladden sift-canvass it in action after a while the educator.

The arrange of your scheme is up to you, so hanker as it can be made into a PDF refine.  A handbill, a website, an annotated effigy, a slide exhibition, a travelogue, an superior blog or chronicle, or plain a unblended instrument after a while effigys... 

Caution:  This assignment is an IMAGING PROJECT that requires you to fashion first varnish effigys of astronomical causes.  IT IS NOT AN ILLUSTRATED REPORT OR PAPER.  Students who suggest reports or papers that are superior after a while effigys from the web earn be disappointed in their gradations!

Project Ideas

  • Use the effigys supposing to fashion first varnish effigys of astronomical causes on a feature disquisition.  You may as-polite be serviceservicecogent to confront misapply effigys on the web to fashion new, varnish effigys.
  • Take your own digital effigys of phenomena in the sky and use them to infashion and decipher the phenomena we perceive-keep.
    • Sunsets or sunrises throughout the semester to footprint the Sun's clear turmoil in the sky
    • Star-trail effigys exhibitioning the clear turmoil of the bigwigs about Polaris or athwart the sky
    • Satellite trails when the International Interval Station passes athwart the sky
    • Night sky effigys of the Milky Way (requires a sombre site!)         
    • Astronomical objects after a while amateur telescopes (Jupiter’s moons? Saturn’s rings? Close-ups of the Moon?)  (Actually we don't advise photographing the Moon - It's opposed to do, and plain further opposed to do polite.  Most students who try a scheme involving the Moon or its phases do not succeed.)
  • Other phenomena of cause – aurorae, the untried glimmer, meteor trails, glories, Sun dogs and halos.  Some of these phenomena are honorable close in Indiana, so feel a backup guile! Your effigys must be first!
  • Create new, first effigys to exemplify an astronomical concept in digital arrange –The Universe is big, and so are the possibilities – the Milky Way, bigwig arrangeation, the expatiation of interval, sombre subject, supernovae, black holes, the sky’s the limit!
  • For those of you causeed in Big Data, use tools from Informatics to fashion a new visualization of a wide astronomical grounds set.
  • Create a innovating superior definition of some countenance of the spend that intrigues you, using astronomical effigys you feel fashiond or manipulated.