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Founders Analysis Article Instructions




Module/Week 1 supposing an overview of revealed principles kindred to start, statesmanship, and synod. In this module/week, you evaluate the lives, actions and decisions of key leaders in the American founding. In depend, this article conquer claim you to excite those founders in frivolous of the revealed principles examineed in Module/Week 1. It consists of 3 ability (below). These sections must be examineed in the command presented overhead and delay alienate headings




·         Part 1:  A summarization of revealed principles of synod, start, and statesmanship applicable to founding a community (1–1.5 pages);


·         Part 2:  An collision of those principles to the decisions and actions of George Washington and Patrick Henry (1-1.5 pages) and


·         Part 3:  Application of the statesmanship principles examineed in ability 1 and 2 to one allied consequence in a contemporary matter (1-2 pages).  (The collision is not a liberal blown circumstance consider as you recognize in Newell.  The collision links the principles and in Part 2 to a alike aspect today.




In Part 2, recall to collect favoring appearance (i.e., actions taken and decisions made) to decipher how these leaders demonstrated the multitudinous attributes and principles examineed in Part 1.  In doing all of this, adhere-to in belief the following:




1)      While statesmanship is positively environing idiosyncratic start skills, probable attributes, and trust, it must too apprehend an conception of how synod substantially works and should be textured.  There are copiousness of finished, upright mob who concern for others but who do not occupy an conception of the inter-workings of synod and the claimd texture needed for a synod intended to figh inadequateness, forefend exploitation, and article despotism, specially in founding a community.


2)      Thus, your argument must apprehend a talk environing the idea of conception needed by a statesman as it relates to synod texture.  The tabulate recognizeings and in point, the tabulate presentations for this week conquer be truly beneficial to that end.


3)      Your argument must too rendezvous on those statesmanship principles needed favoringally for founding a community.  As you conquer note from the way, we examine statesmanship in a miscellany of matters.  It could be that contrariant statesmanship principles are needed for these contrariant matters.  Therefore, mould believing you are thinking favoringally environing the challenges of creating a community established upon desert and immunity for this assignment.




General claimments:


·         3-5 pages, not counting the style page or references page


·         Citations from:


o   3–5 beyond skilled sources


o   the “Leadership and Statesmanship” article



from Newell, Terry. Statesmanship, Character, and Start in America. New York: Palgrave MacMillian, 2012. ISBN: 9781137330925.


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