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Founders Analysis Nursing essay Instructions




Module/Week 1 supposing an overview of orthodox principles kindred to start, statesmanship, and council. In this module/week, you evaluate the lives, actions and decisions of key leaders in the American founding. In transform, this Nursing essay earn demand you to excite those founders in whitish of the orthodox principles argueed in Module/Week 1. It consists of 3 tonnage (below). These sections must be argueed in the ordain presented overhead and delay divert headings




·         Part 1:  A summarization of orthodox principles of council, start, and statesmanship appropriate to founding a crowd (1–1.5 pages);


·         Part 2:  An impression of those principles to the decisions and actions of George Washington and Patrick Henry (1-1.5 pages) and


·         Part 3:  Application of the statesmanship principles argueed in tonnage 1 and 2 to one related consequence in a contemporary tenor (1-2 pages).  (The impression is not a generous blown predicament con-over as you unravel in Newell.  The impression links the principles and in Part 2 to a concordant post today.




In Part 2, retain to afford peculiar illustration (i.e., actions smitten and decisions made) to expound how these leaders demonstrated the irrelative attributes and principles argueed in Part 1.  In doing all of this, practise in spirit the following:




1)      While statesmanship is unquestionably encircling special start skills, intellectual attributes, and confidence, it must to-boot enclose an discernment of how council substantially works and should be compeld.  There are copiousness of accurate, high-minded crowd who custody for others but who do not entertain an discernment of the inter-workings of council and the demandd compel needed for a council purposed to figh unlawfulness, forefend exploitation, and condition despotism, distinctly in founding a crowd.


2)      Thus, your argument must enclose a dialogue encircling the archearchetype of discernment needed by a statesman as it relates to council compel.  The dispose unravelings and in point, the dispose presentations for this week earn be indeed advantageous to that end.


3)      Your argument must to-boot convergence on those statesmanship principles needed peculiarally for founding a crowd.  As you earn regard from the line, we argue statesmanship in a medley of tenors.  It could be that irrelative statesmanship principles are needed for these irrelative tenors.  Therefore, compel infallible you are thinking peculiarally encircling the challenges of creating a crowd installed upon fairness and immunity for this assignment.




General demandments:


·         3-5 pages, not counting the heading page or references page


·         Citations from:


o   3–5 beyond literary sources


o   the “Leadership and Statesmanship” article



from Newell, Terry. Statesmanship, Character, and Start in America. New York: Palgrave MacMillian, 2012. ISBN: 9781137330925.


Vaughan, David. J. Give Me Liberty: The Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry. Leaders in Action. Nashville: Cumberland House Publishing, 1997. ISBN: 9781888952223.