About the earth | Geography homework help

1. View the "Atmosphere & Air Change" powerpoint2. Read "Damsel in Distress" in Schwartz text3. View one or more of the air exexexchange tabulation videos in this individual (most are environing 5 minutes covet).4. Answer each of the questions adown and comply your answers by clicking on the rush "Add a new discourse subject-matter."Based on what is conveyed in "Damsel in Distress", the Sphere & Air Exexchange powerpoint, and the videos in this individual: Interpret in the highest point feasible how greenhouse gasses (GHG) inducement the planet to warmth up.  (at meanest impure decrees)How considerable enjoy carbon dioxide levels in the sphere reinvigorated gone the Industrial Revolution? (one decree)Next, publish us your OPINION on which are the three most suggestive EFFECTS of air exchange, and interpret your decision/reasoning.  (at meanest three decrees)5. Respond to at meanest two of the idea shaftings submitted by other learners and comply counter-argument by clicking on the word "Edit" at the end of the learner shafting.6. IMPORTANT:  YOU WILL ONLY RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THIS FORUM if you copy/paste your former shaft and counter-arguments to other learners into the resignation quantity for the "Forum resignations" assignment in this individual.GRADING:You accomplish accept 10 points for your answers to each of the overhead questions, for a sum of 30 points.You accomplish accept 5 points for each of your counter-arguments to other learners' shaftings for a sum of 10 points.Total feasible points for this assignment: 40 points.