14 pages about liberalism and realism. 7 pages each.

This exam conciliate be due by 4:30 pm on 17 March.  The exam conciliate mingle obedient two interrogations.  Each interrogation should be answered succeeding a while no past than 7 pages of double-spaced quotation (succeeding a while parenthetical citations) and a inventory of references cited in attention to the seven pages.  Students conciliate be spaced twain on the import and condition of the congeniality and grant.  Students are expected to direct catholic tools delineation on their cumulative passage trial at Ohio Wesleyan University totally succeeding a while the assignments for the Main Seminar.  Students are expected to use catholic citations from embodied not experienced in the main seminar but from other passages and readings students keep captured or effected as embezzle to the essay interrogations.  Exams conciliate be spaced on their import as well-mannered-mannered as their equalize of creativity and professionalism in grant and congeniality.  Exams ordinary succeeding the deadline conciliate hold a liberal communication space diminution per day advanced.  Recall the kernel readings involve Posen, which we conciliate examine instant week, but you are pleasing to initiate on the readings and sources you keep succeeding a while the trust you conciliate Posen as embezzle 


Question One:  Liberalism 


Question Two:  Realism