1. the process by which one group takes on the cultural and other

1. The course by which one assembly takes on the cultural and other traits of a larger assembly is determined _______. (1 sharp-end) assimilation pluralism culture integration 2. Chinatown in San Francisco and Little Havana in Miami are examples of _______. (1 sharp-end) assimilation pluralism culture integration 3. The Salad Bowl parity of U.S. communion propounds that (1 sharp-end) ethnic assemblys groundwork in the United States hold rare features, but as-well conduce to American refinement as a perfect. all ethnic assemblys’ refinements keep melted overtime into one detached refinement. ethnic assemblys are wholly disjoined in U.S. communion and keep no rule upon one another. immigrants must forfeit their legends to be fortunate in U.S. communion. 4. A construct of parliament in which a sovereign or queen acts as leadership of propound suitableness government creates parliament is determined a ________. (1 sharp-end) monarchy democracy democratic government constitutional monarchy 5. Based on the extract, what was the African diaspora? (1 sharp-end) the transporting of Africans to the New World for bondman labor the division of Africans during and behind the trans-Atlantic bondman trade the multiculturalism of African American colonies in the New World the assimilation of African refinement into that of the United States 6. Which is the message for a wholly structured accents that develops from a blending of exported accentss and introduced accentss? (1 sharp-end) Pidgin Creole Esperanto Dialect 7. Which motion was trained in the 1960s by Quebecer Réne Lévesque? (1 sharp-end) a motion to confer vernacular mob their own province a motion to create French the administrative accents of Canada an example to put an end to all migration into Canada a motion to create Quebec an fractions sovereignty 8. Which U.S. city is best disclosed for celebrating the legend of Mardi Gras? (1 sharp-end) San Francisco New York City New Orleans Miami 9. Which province is legitimate for laying Canada’s cultural groundwork? (1 sharp-end) Great Britain France The United States Germany 10. Which assembly creates up the largest limb of the Mexican population? (1 sharp-end) Spanish Indigenous mobs Mestizos Aztecs