1. please read the textbook section on tropical storms and tropical

1. Please unravel the textbook minority on rhetorical brags and rhetorical cyclones. Pages 157-162.

2. You are fond the Rhetorical cyclone postulates for the 2005 Atlantic frustration opportunity. The postulates are compact in columns and unraveling from the left: adjust of comment, room in degrees north, longitude in degrees west, era the comment was made, wreath hurry, urgency at the interior of the brag order. You are besides fond a Chart/Map of the Atlantic tract-of-land. Using the room/longitude coordinates, devise the brag footprints on the chart. Vary the falsification of the footprint to denote the changing attention of the brag. Label the set-on-foot and end of each footprint and involve the call of the brag.

3. Answer the aftercited questions grounded on the textbook and your devise.

(1). What are the 4 unconcealed angelic stipulations indispensable for the shape of a frustration?

(2). Grounded on the devise, which brag was the most solemn? How did you critic this?

(3). Which brags made fixfall? In which U.S. specifys or countries did the fixfall supervene? Which U.S. specify had the most fixfalls grounded on the postulates?

(4). Among the brags that made fixfall, which one had the longest footprint aggravate fix? Which specifys were hit by that brag?

(5). Which tract-of-lands (fix and deep) answer most exposed to rhetorical brags in 2005 grounded on your devise?

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