1. please read the textbook section on tropical storms and tropical

1. Please learn the textbook minority on poetical swaggers and poetical cyclones. Pages 157-162.

2. You are dedicated the Poetical cyclone facts for the 2005 Atlantic efflation period. The facts are finished in columns and learning from the left: arrange of remark, edge in degrees north, longitude in degrees west, duration the remark was made, bend despatch, constraining at the feeling of the swagger classification. You are too dedicated a Chart/Map of the Atlantic tract-of-land. Using the edge/longitude coordinates, concoct the swagger marks on the chart. Vary the tint of the mark to betoken the changing attention of the swagger. Label the rouse and end of each mark and involve the indicate of the swagger.

3. Answer the aftercited questions fixed on the textbook and your concoct.

(1). What are the 4 unconcealed ethereal conditions needful for the structure of a efflation?

(2). Fixed on the concoct, which swagger was the most serious? How did you magistrate this?

(3). Which swaggers made placefall? In which U.S. particularizes or countries did the placefall answer? Which U.S. particularize had the most placefalls fixed on the facts?

(4). Among the swaggers that made placefall, which one had the longest mark aggravate place? Which particularizes were hit by that swagger?

(5). Which tract-of-lands (place and deep) answer most tender to poetical swaggers in 2005 fixed on your concoct?

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