Geographic Homework

Please write a reflection on the 3 videos: “Income Inequality in the U.S.,” “Wangari Maathai & The Green Belt Movement” and “A Banker for the Poor” (2-3 pages).

A reflection paper is not a mere summary of the material (in this case the videos), but rather a reflection on how the material affected you (your main focus for this assignment should be finding connections and/or through lines; how are these videos related?). Use what you have learned from the videos to support your arguments, and organize your work the same way you would any other essay (title, introduction, main points, conclusion, references).

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Geographic Homework
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Income inequality in the U.S.

(Links to an external site.

Links to an external site.

Wangari Maathai & The Green Belt Movement(Links to an external site.)
Links to an external site.

(Links to an external site.)


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