GEOG 112 San Jose State University Declaration of Human Rights Essay

Please read the requirements carefully, and make sure to follow all the steps in the documents. Before submitting the answer, please do the Turnitin check for me, there cannot be any similarity rate for this assignment. Thank you!

Fall 2020
Academic Writing Guidelines
Please upload your assignments as either an MSWord document (.doc) or Portable Document
File (.pdf) only, unless otherwise specified. I cannot accept any other file formats.
All assignments must be written using formal academic writing styles conforming to standard
• lastname first initial_course number_assignment number (ie
• Times New Roman 12pt normal font
• double line spacing
• 1″ margin all around
• APA citation method
• reference page (anytime you cite others’ work)
• page numbers
• proper headings and enumeration styles
• DO NOT add your student name/class/date heading on your assignments because the file
name and date stamp on Canvas provides me with this information
• DO NOT include questions and prompts (Your scores will be artificially
high and you waste space)
If any of the above standards are not adhered to, then each violation of a major bullet point a
reduction of 0.1 point will be assessed from your total score. Refer to the Purdue Online Writing
Laboratory General Format webpage for APA style guidelines.
I am your target audience. Therefore, I expect a formal tone from your essays: no breezy style
and no contractions. If any of the previously mentioned styles are used, then they will be
counted as an error of syntax and/or grammar. Refer to the Purdue Online Writing Laboratory
Levels of Formality webpage for more information.
Remember, the first 20 errors will be counted and an overall 10% reduction will be assessed on
your assignment. Therefore, it is vital that you proofread your paper before you submit!
APA Style Guidelines on the Internet
Here are some websites that can help you when it comes time to write your papers:
In the past, I had my trusty APA style guide by my side when I wrote my papers (as well as an
APA automatic citation generator in LaTeX).
But there are now some very nice tools out on the Internet:
• The APA style guide website
• Purdue Online Writing Laboratory General Overview website and side bars for
comprehensive listing
• Purdue Online Writing Laboratory APA Sample Paper website
• Citation Machine website for formatting citations, although naively relying on an
Page 1
Fall 2020
automatic citation generator may get you into trouble—always double check
Get used to using these resources. Your instructors will be very grateful!
Please email me via Canvas mail system a picture of hummingbird to show that you have read
the document and understand the content.
Page 2

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