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Writing Assignment: This Nursing essay requires that you centre on two appearances of your precious in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA).  For in, they may be of the concordant embodied, performed using a concordant technique, keep served a concordant business, or keep connections in their iconography .   To trace out appearances, you obtain insufficiency to inspect the Museum’s website (www.metmuseum.org), which has representations of fur of the collections online.  Most of your Nursing essay obtain be a similarity of your two appearances by verbally describing them in a powerful and argumentative form. I obtain stipulate you delay a catalogue of questions that obtain succor you brainstorm during your attention road. To augment your disroad of these appearances, you obtain add knowledge adventitious from at smallest three external sources of literary knowledge, none of which may be the road extractbook and at smallest two of which must be either books or record doctrines.  All knowledge embraced in your extract from your learning must be cited unexceptionably either using endnotes/footnotes or parenthetical extract. Please use the extract order delay which you are most consoled. If you use parenthetical extract or do not stipulate bountiful bibliographic knowledge in the footnotes/endnotes, a bibliography obtain be required at the end of the Nursing essay. If you frame relation to other appearances in your disroad to-boot those you chosen at the MMA, you insufficiency to embrace representations of these pieces as polite-mannered-mannered and should assign to such illustrations suitably in your extract (e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.). In enumeration to your extract, you obtain insufficiency to embrace an representation of each appearance. You may download representations from the MMA’s website or admit them in individual time in the galleries (remember, no smoulder please!). The pictures of your appearances do not insufficiency to be administrative capacity, equitable conspicuous sufficient for the reader to keep a improve discernment of your theme subject. Your extract to-boot insufficiencys to embrace the privilege compute for twain appearances, which can be plant on the appearance labels in the galleries as polite-mannered-mannered as on the MMA’s website. The extract should be a restriction of indelicate bountiful inclose spaced pages in prolixity (typewritten, 12 sharp-end font, moderate margins). Please be infallible to embrace your indicate and road heading either on a heading page or in the better recess of the earliest page.  You obtain transcribe two drafts of this Nursing essay.   Grades obtain be grounded upon the subjoined criteria: · Punctuality in turning in each divorce of the assignment · Inclusion of representations and supply to required prolixity and formatting · Proper integration of literary sources and their extract delayin the extract · Clarity and success of fitness · Capacity of ideas · Thoroughness of descriptions and similarity · Effort as a equal editor An adventitious expertness that should be mastered by any garden graduate is the power to transcribe suitably and effectively. For this discuss, the fitness assignment is fond the heaviest moment in your overall track. Included in your precursory packet is a catalogue of style and punctuation rules that students frequently pains delay. Please hush that need to thrive these rules obtain end in expenditure to your Nursing essay track.