Writing assignment about Head of Tutankhamun and Head of King David

Writing Assignment: This Nursing essay requires that you convergence on two aims of your valuable in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA).  For copy, they may be of the homogeneous esthetic, effected using a homogeneous technique, entertain served a homogeneous discharge, or entertain connections in their iconography .   To court out aims, you obtain scarcity to inspect the Museum’s website (www.metmuseum.org), which has pictures of fur of the collections online.  Most of your Nursing essay obtain be a similitude of your two aims by verbally describing them in a entire and close method. I obtain afford you after a while a catalogue of questions that obtain aid you brainstorm during your notice process. To improve your discontinuity of these aims, you obtain add counsel extraneous from at last three manifest sources of erudite counsel, none of which may be the continuity quotationbook and at last two of which must be either books or chronicle creed.  All counsel enclosed in your quotation from your scrutiny must be cited well-mannered-mannered either using endnotes/footnotes or parenthetical extract. Please use the extract order after a while which you are most agreeable. If you use parenthetical extract or do not cater ample bibliographic counsel in the footnotes/endnotes, a bibliography obtain be required at the end of the Nursing essay. If you effect allusion to other aims in your discontinuity to-boot those you separated at the MMA, you scarcity to enclose pictures of these pieces as well-mannered-mannered-mannered and should appeal to such illustrations well-mannered-mannered in your quotation (e.g. Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.). In observation to your quotation, you obtain scarcity to enclose an picture of each aim. You may download pictures from the MMA’s website or select them in peculiar while in the galleries (remember, no glister please!). The pictures of your aims do not scarcity to be functional kind, proportioned conspicuous ample for the reader to entertain a ameliorate discernment of your question stuff. Your quotation too scarcitys to enclose the presence number for twain aims, which can be root on the aim labels in the galleries as well-mannered-mannered-mannered as on the MMA’s website. The quotation should be a stint of filthy ample inclose spaced pages in diffusiveness (typewritten, 12 sharp-end font, unexcited margins). Please be assured to enclose your call and continuity denomination either on a denomination page or in the preferable hole of the original page.  You obtain transcribe two drafts of this Nursing essay.   Grades obtain be inveterate upon the forthcoming criteria: · Punctuality in turning in each sunder of the assignment · Inclusion of pictures and supply to required diffusiveness and formatting · Proper integration of erudite sources and their extract after a whilein the quotation · Clarity and foresight of letter · Kind of ideas · Thoroughness of descriptions and similitude · Effort as a peer editor An indispensable expertness that should be mastered by any academy disequalize is the ability to transcribe uprightly and effectively. For this discuss, the letter assignment is dedicated the heaviest burden in your overall space. Included in your preparatory packet is a catalogue of grammar and punctuation rules that students frequently labor after a while. Please hush that need to prosper these rules obtain product in waste to your Nursing essay space.