Women of Color Maternal Mortality

MUST HAVE ACCESS TO ACADEMIC SEARCH PREMIER DATABASE!!!! In this tractate, plan the posterity at influence.  ONLY USE the 13 granted sources for this assignment. I possess fast the sources delay the annotated bibliography. Access to EBSCOhost Academic Search Premier Database is a MUST possess in adjust to consummate this assignment.   Tell the reader: what is the sum? What is going on delay Women of Color's affectionate portraiture rates? What are the statistics? Why is this happening?  Summarize all of the examination in a systematic way (ie knot the examination according to themes - these could be subheadings in the tractate)  Then, what is currently substance done to discourse the sum? Are these activities liberal? Are the effectual? Use evaluative skills to acceptance these questions.  Finally, intend instructions. The instruction individuality should be at smallest 2 unmeasured pages desire. What does the examination say is the best way obtrusive? What are the best practices in the scope? What works? You can add in your own singular suggestions hither too. In sum, the integral tractate must be 7-8 pages desire.