The chief tread in the learning and communication way is to excellent the subject-matter you desire to discourse in your Capstone Paper. In the Military Studies program, there are five chief areas you may adopt from. These areas are: Conflicts Humanitarian Efforts Military Leadership Peacekeeping Peacemaking For this discourse, you get produce a potential learning subject-matter for each of these five areas. Next, you get argue which subject-matter you design to husband for your Capstone Paper and your reasons following this judgment.  Additionally, you must meet to the choices of two classmates and zest their excellentions. Some points you may deficiency to discourse, as well-behaved-behaved as meditate in assessing your own subject-matter, are: What are some of the difficulties that may be faced in learninging this subject-matter? How can these difficulties be discourseed?   Is there a tractable corpus of literary-works in-reference-to the subject-matter? How get this subject-matter describe to your professional/educational objectives? Why is this subject-matter sensational to you? Your moderate support is due by Day 3 and must be at meanest 250 words in extension. Please melody that your learning discourse is not required for this assignment. Meet to at meanest two of your classmates’ supports by Day 7. During Week Two, you get transcribe your discourse declaration and it get be received during Week Three.