WK 8 Cost, Payment and Profit Analysis AH 531

1.Discuss the filthy senior concerns of using the require-to commit ration process. 2.What is the correlativeness betwixt the concepts require allocation cause as used in the step-down process and require driver as used in ABC? 3.What is the destruction betwixt a require object’s plain require and its largely allocated require? Give an pattern. 4.What are the advantages and disadvantages of ABC not-absolute to the step-down process of require allocation? 5.Name the units of use on which require-based payers may pay providers. 6.How do copayments and deductibles impair lavish? 7.Why do providers hanker “steerage”? 8.Who bears the lavish underneathneath a vapid is plan? Why? 9.How do HMOs uses indicate their premiums? 10.If an HMO practised 150,000 lives, foreseeed 25 myocardial infarctions (MI) to supervene each year among the practised lives, would foresee a protraction of arrive of 4.5 days for each MI, and had to pay an medium of $950 per day for each day the MI resigned was in the hospital, what would the PMPM require of the HMO be? What would own to be commitd to the resigned/employer if the HMO had functional requires equaling 10 percent of its requires and it wanted a advantage room of 7 percent?