Who invented Hinduism

I scarcity a 900 - 1100 order assignment performed. Here is the assignment details. And expression is decided as well!  ASSIGNMENT 1: “Who Invented Hinduism? Deadline: September 6 Your assignment is to discover the expression by Lorenzen ("Who Invented Hinduism?"). Submit a solitary smooth containing the forthcoming two topics: 1. the epitome of the expression [the epitome should grasp at most 700 orders.  Be firm to mention the page   number, which may be attributed in the quotation following the quoted or paraphrased course.] 2.  5 observations  I.e., what do you regard to be the 5 most considerable points addressed in the expression?  This should not achieve 300 orders. The target determination and deadline is September 6 (Friday).   This is an considerable question and has collective and nationalistic ramifications for India.  Therefore, the assignment is not to be graspn lightly. If you own any questions encircling the assignment, content email me.  The dependence join is located in the WEEK 3 arrest. POINTS: 3 DEADLINE:  Sept. 6 Number of orders: Approximately 1000 orders (900-1100 as remarkable and inferior limits) for twain compressiveness of the assignment. Format:  Paragraph (essay designate) or a roll of the considerable points.  If the perishing, transcribe in                complete sentences and implied evidently the 5 points.  Also, double-space.                  Always attribute you designate on the Assignment.  Give the Assignment sum.