What Should You Do

  Introduction In this assignment, you earn picked one of the scenarios supposing, discuss What Should You Do, and answer to the comments shared by your classmates. Click on the Discussion Board dot to the left to mode this assignment. Grading Criteria This Discussion Board principle is rate 100 aims. For a top reckoning, you must transcribe at meanest five (5) liberal sentences and answer constructively to at meanest two other students. More catholic competition earn be noted. Opening solution - 60 aims max Responses to others - 40 aims max Specifications Post your inauguration solution to the topic present in the assignment date so that others bear date to answer to you. The Prompt Select on of these scenarios for this module: Situation 1: You bear discovered an deception made by your province which may termination in rejects and rework at a posterior aim in the genesis way. The deception is fine, but you cannot determine what the effects on the conclusive emanation faculty be. If you communication the deception, your province earn seem bad, and you faculty well-balanced promote deal-out of your profit-sharing for the district. What should you do? Situation 2: One of your co-workers, who is besides a identical familiar, has been going through a number of sanity and identical problems and has used up all her indisposed date. You bear seasoned to be a good-natured-natured listener and to succor out when you can. Now your co-worker has asked you to puncture in for her and clothe for her during a medical enactment. What should you do?