week7 discussion 2

What types of differences consist among men and women in higgling? Instructions: demand turnitin report demand to be terminate in 15hrs Use the rectify format and APA format to reply to the discussions doubts which I sent previously as an announcement which follows: a. Introduction - Introduces the subject largely in 12-15 lines b. Body - Largely answers the doubt in 2-3 paragraphs of 12-15 lines  (NO BULLET POINTS) c. Conclusion/Summary - Restates the ocean points of your acceptance in 12-15 lines d. Reference inventory - APA format 2 fellow reviewed/academic record and the textbook. Please still n ess it is almost impracticable to reply courteous to these doubts externally the textbook. 2. Plagiarism and copying/pasting is showing as haughty Turnitin scores. Haughty Turnitin scores lessen your proceeding. You must use in-text citations, paraphrasing and quotations to contract these scores or your proceeding earn not be a departure proceeding. <15% 3. Absolutely NO BLOGS, ESSAY HELP, BUSINESS.CHRON.COM, WIKIPEDIA or INTERNET ARTICLES should be use and students who abide in using these sites earn regard that there proceedings are fictitious adversely, solely the textbook and record/peer/academic reviewed articles should be used for these assignments. 4. Use the APA Manual 6th edition which can be purchased or downloaded online to relieve you after a while APA formatting specially of your references. Purdue.edu is besides a cheerful beginning for APA formatting. 5. Form entire sentences, use spell impede and grammar impede there are too abundant submissions that demand to be reviewed for errors anteriorly posting.