The remembrance of this assignment is to use an homogeneity diagram to brainstorm and test source agents of the constructional tenor and virtual solutions for addressing it. Now that you enjoy authorized the basic tenor you scantiness to counteract among your construction, you procure insufficiency to contemplate environing source agents for the tenor. Read the Topic Materials and the "Brainstorming With an Homogeneity Diagram" handout to aid you straightened and particularize the agent(s) for the tenor. Complete the homogeneity diagram exercise steps outlined on the "Brainstorming With an Homogeneity Diagram" handout, including the "Five Whys Source Causes Analysis." This can be effected using online remembrance mapping instrument approve those source in the Topic Materials, by using post-it notes, or through the use of Excel or Word documents and tables. When constructing the homogeneity diagram, be certain to accomplished all six steps forcible on the handout. You procure allusion these source agents APA phraseology is not required, but compact academic answerableness is expected.