week five discussion promotion 2 paragraphs answer questions

  Discussion—Program Evaluation Monitoring a program through feedback and making divert modifications is essential to the entity and extension of a fond soundness program. Using the balbutiations for this week and any appended media cognate to the colliquation of innovations assumption, answer to the following: What is program evaluation and why is it essential? Describe the contrariant types of program evaluation? From the assigned balbutiation, represent two workplace soundness programs and the results of the judicious contrivance. Discuss the evaluation manner for the workplace programs and whether or not changes accept been made since the programs were implemented. Provide recommendations for progress. Respond to the prompts using the lessons and lexicon build in the balbutiations for this week. Support your answers after a while examples and lore. Your reply should release your mind of the subject. It should be your own, first, and playing from plagiarism. Follow the APA format for answerableness mode, spelling and expression, and quotation of sources.