Week 8 Assignment Assignment: Capstone Project Part IV: The Technicals: Measuring and Evaluating Performance (Natasha House, Inc)

(Week 8) Assignment: Capstone Project Sunder IV: The Technicals: Measuring and Evaluating Performance Most ethnical and collective services professionals succeed into their professions to mould a dissimilitude. Doing so at the societal flatten is twain a question and an turn. Being a fortunate collective fluctuate substitute, chief, and supporter requires twain aptitude and commitment. To complete large-scale fluctuate to discourse societal issues as sunder of the technical aspects of a strategic scheme, ethnical and collective services professionals deficiency to discourse indicators of good-fortune and execution targets. To prepare: This Assignment is the promote sunder of developing the technicals for your Capstone Project. Think encircling how you potentiality direct the theories and processes of fluctuate, chiefship, and encomium when implementing a strategic scheme that discoursees indicators of good-fortune and execution targets. By Day 7 The Assignment (2–3 pages): Describe accidental indicators of good-fortune. To mention whether the Natasha House, Inc succeed service from the strategic scheme, you must confirm those things which would minister as indicators of good-fortune. These indicators must be plain, measurable, and quantifiable in some way. Identify four indicators that would purport good-fortune after a while view to the strategic scheme. Discuss specifically how you would mete each indicator. Identify execution targets. Execution targets embody the flatten at which you would affect to obminister execution on each indicator. They embody the desired flatten of execution. For each execution indicator that you bear attested, designate the targeted flatten of execution. Support your Application Assignment by citing all instrument in APA diction, including those in the Learning Resources. ******** Please understand unsymbolical and misentry ******** References Homan, M. S. (2016). Promoting fraternity fluctuate: Making it supervene in the developed universe (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage. Chapter 10, “Getting the Word Out” (pp. 287–328) Chapter 12, “Taking Action—Strategies and Tactics” (pp. 379–417) Smith, V. C., & Jemal, A. (2015). Addressing the sanity of formerly imprisoned individuals in a distressed neighborhood through a fraternity collaborative consultation. Sanity Promotion Practice, 16(5), 733–744. doi:10.1177/1524839915588293. https://www.nationalhumanservices.org/ethical-standards-for-hs-professionals http://natashahouse.org/