Week 7

As the Athletic Director at Academic Violent Discipline (AHS), you are juridical for securing officials for all abode football recreations. You circumvent umpire A on the phone and he agrees to umpire all five (5) abode recreations this timeliness for a fee of $100 per recreation. Two days precedently the primeval recreation, umpire A circumvents you and says he won’t be beneficial this timeliness owing he is tender out of town and conquer be umpireing abode recreations for the violent discipline in his new abode town 200 miles abroad. You without-delay circumvent umpire B, who agrees to umpire all abode recreations for a fee of $150 per recreation. You flow to sue umpire A. Answer the subjoined doubts: a) Was there a agree among AHS and umpire A? b) What were the five (5) basic elements of the agree (NOTE: One of them isn’t “Agreement” or “mutual assent” as is alluded to in your textbook). c) Did umpire A divulsion the agree? d) Which agree reparation would you solicit and why? NOTE: If you say “monetary remuneration,” be specific as to which peel.  e) What would the monetary remuneration be to AHS? NOTE: The low dollar illustrations of $100 and $150 per recreation should feel no goods on your responses to the doubts over (although the discord in the dollar illustration should). In other words, don’t say the amounts in doubt are inconsequential. Be indisputable to: 1) use and limit the juridical terms/phrases that apply; 2) understand a narrowness of two internet allusions; 3) well name and allusion all sources using APA format. BE SURE TO NOT EXCEED 375 WORDS, gladden reply all the doubts in A-E format.