Week 5

Prompt B: Technology Takes Sides In a universe of gregarious networking, Instagrams, Twitter, Pinterest, flash messaging, and Facebook, technology can succor distribute the expression. These networks can construct and mobilize vulgar from environing the sphere, sometimes for gregarious or humanitarian purposes. Universe perspectives on persomal adventures can succor figure repartee, enjoyment, and cunning. Entertain you used technology or gregarious resources to collect encircling or distribute instruction encircling an adventure? In this Discussion you get excite the role of technology in global adventures, using this week’s Learning Resources and Week 4 Notes and Readings. To plan for the Discussion: Consider the ensueing: Do you ensue vulgar on Twitter? Do you tweet, use Pinterest, Facebook, or flash missive your friends? How repeatedly? Revisit the “Tweeting Towards Freedom” designation in thisweek’s Notes and Readings. Consider if there a downside to entertain so considerable bearing? Identify an stance of how new despatch technologies entertain had an collision on the universe station and the collision it made. Consider how the immediacy of despatch can collision the distribute of instruction encircling universe adventures-both good-tempered-tempered and bad.Post a repartee (at meanest 200–300 expressions) to the ensueing prompt: Not crave ago, we had to abide for the late intelligence or waking intelligencepaper to invent out what happened in the universe. In today’s technological universe we entertain flashaneous bearing to global adventures. Some like that the truth of flashaneous bearing to global adventures has powerful gregarious collision. Select a exoteric adventure happening in the universe or your aggregation. Describe the adventure, why you excellent it, and elucidate how technology played a role in the way the intelligence of this adventure distribute. Discuss the benefits and downside of having so considerable bearing to persomal and universe intelligence.