Week 5 Discussion 2

To order for this Discussion: Using the websites of the companies you clarified in Discussion 1, identify each confirmation’s stigma for a congruous or competing effect in the province or countries you clarified. Evaluate the stigmas in provisions of the analyses forcible in Chapter 7 of your progress quotation. An dissection of how each stigma is positioned in the province, including: The stigma intimation used to grasp its target chaffer The congruousities and differences in the way the stigmas are positioned The ability of the companies to leverage their global stigma power An dissection of the stigma constitutions used by each confirmation, including: Which of the stigma constitutions do the companies use: corporate-dominate, effect-dominant, or mixed constitution? Did twain companies use the identical constitution or did they use incongruous ones? How is each confirmation’s stigma constitution shaped by its firm-based characteristics, effect-chaffer characteristics, and underlying chaffer dynamics? A blank that summarizes which of the two stigmas you perceive adds the most in provisions of treaabiding to the confirmation. Be abiding to prepare a rationale to assistance your counter-argument. Minimum 3 paragraphs in APA Format. Due in 12 hours