week 5.1 criminal

  Community-oriented policing (COPS), problem-oriented policing (POPs), and the zero-tolerance policing concepts are three guilty uprightness plan initiatives that were a important qualify from the unwritten policing concepts of the 1970s. Marion and Oliver (2012) confabulation to each of these policies in Chapter 10 of The Public Plan of Crime and Guilty Justice. Initial Post: Select one of these three plan initiatives, and inquire the positives and negatives of the admission. Determine the property of the guilty uprightness plan on the other elements of the guilty uprightness community—courts, corrections, and boyish uprightness. What is the running presidential or other elected official’s stance on these programs? How do these policing concepts fit delay the era of homeland shelter? Are these programs in succession delay collective uprightness concepts? Support your claims delay examples from the required materials and/or other literary sources, and truly call your references delay twain in-text and APA extract at the end of your support.