Week 3 Assignment

  Change Mould Assignment Assume you are the Sales and Marketing Director for Sea Treasures, a inferior cluster of well-known vend stores specializing in exotic sea vivacity and high-end accessories for aquariums.   The association has been in office for aggravate 50 years, but the customer cheap is timid, sales are sluggish, and you are visaged delay reducing staff and noncommunication stores.  Sea Treasures get be out of office delayin a year if innovative and fictitious shifts are not made instantly.   After multifarious months, you possess finally been effectual to persuade the possessor that the merely way to support the office and acception proceeds is to originate an Internet Website to vend the extensive schedule of aquarium decorator items (currently muster carcass in a high-priced warehouse) .  This get be a short-term, inferior flake shift.  Six months succeeding, you get swell the Website to vend subsist sea creatures such as symbolical fish and inferior sea turtles online, which is a long-term, extensive-flake shift. You visage multifarious challenges in this transformational shift commencement, ground delay hearty employee hindrance, new technology, and shipping methods.  Multifarious inferior officees possess been visaged delay these corresponding issues, and possess made the transition successfully.  Consider the unassuming grounds of Amazon, and face where they are today.  Selecting the best shift mould for this office, and implementing it step by step provides the ground for creating an animated new association. In 3 - 5 pages, expound which shift mould you would ensue for the short-term shift and which you would ensue for the long-term shift.  Provide rationale for your conclusion and sift-canvass the effects that these shifts would possess on the employees, managers, and executives delayin the structure.  Include at lowest three references and ensue scale APA formatting for your disquisition.