Week 3 Assignment

  Change Design Assignment Assume you are the Sales and Marketing Director for Sea Treasures, a weak assemblage of well-known vend stores specializing in exotic sea vivacity and high-end accessories for aquariums.   The corporation has been in occupation for aggravate 50 years, but the customer dishonoroperative is dowdy, sales are slack, and you are countenanced delay reducing staff and noncommunication stores.  Sea Treasures get be out of occupation delayin a year if innovative and intellectual substitutes are not made immediately.   After sundry months, you enjoy finally been operative to indoctrinate the proprietor that the barely way to stay the occupation and growth return is to produce an Internet Website to retail the big schedule of aquarium decorator items (currently muster remains in a expensive repository) .  This get be a short-term, weak lamina substitute.  Six months prospering, you get diffuse the Website to retail speed sea creatures such as rhetorical fish and weak sea turtles online, which is a long-term, big-lamina substitute. You countenance sundry challenges in this transformational substitute leadership, inception delay forcible employee opposition, new technology, and shipping methods.  Sundry weak occupationes enjoy been countenanced delay these identical issues, and enjoy made the transition successfully.  Consider the low inceptions of Amazon, and face where they are today.  Selecting the best substitute design for this occupation, and implementing it trudge by trudge provides the groundwork for creating an sensational new corporation. In 3 - 5 pages, clear-up which substitute design you would prosper for the short-term substitute and which you would prosper for the long-term substitute.  Provide rationale for your sentence and examine the property that these substitutes would enjoy on the employees, managers, and executives delayin the form.  Include at smallest three references and prosper type APA formatting for your tract.