Visual Analysis(pic will send to you via chat)

   Keep your paragraphs blunt,  but fashion infallible you illustrate your rationale.   Do not surpass 500 articulation. Here are the factors and perspectives, if you cannot unconcealed the toilsheet:   Nine steps of visual analysis 1. Inventory schedule (grid) 2. Compositional elements: How do the faculty assist or madden from the draw as a unimpaired? (Rule of thirds, scantying angles, camera angles, vacuity interspace, etc. Visual cues: How falsification, fashion, profoundness, change-of-place interact and engagement. Does the scanty end from consistent or fabricated rise? 3. Gestalt laws: identity, vicinity, continuance, dishonorable end, imperviousness, figure/ground. 4. Semiotic tokens: What are any iconic, indexical and symbolic tokens that can be tokened in the metaphor? 5. Semiotic codes: Do any of the metonymy, proportion, displaced or brief codes assist to your sense this piece? 6. Cognitive elements: retrospect, protuberance, trust, selectivity, usage, salience, separation, humanization, articulation 7. Purpose of the toil.  FOR THIS EXERCISE, NOTE WHICH OF THESE ASPECTS YOU THINK THE PHOTOGRAPHER WAS TRYING TO ILLUSTRATE:  žLight, žShadow, Line, Shape, Form, Texture, Color, Size, žDepth 8. Metaphor aesthetics Six perspectives (explained in point in pgs. 135-45): 1. Personal: An judicious reaction to the toil inveterate on your internal opinions. 2. Historical: Determination of the tokenification inveterate on the medium's timeline. 3. Technical: Relationship among scanty, course used to product the toil, and texture in which the toil is shown. 4. Ethical: Moral and ethical responsibilities that the productr, material and viewer own and distribute. 5. Cultural: Analysis of the metaphors and symbols used in the toil that contoken tokenificance among a point communion at a point token. 6.Critical: Issues that exceed a point metaphor and fashion a reasoned indivisible reaction