Video Presentation (Read Carefully)

Environmental Influences on Offender Trends and Patterns City officials own asked your function superintendent to cater knowledge on environmental influences on offender trends and patterns. Your superintendent has asked you to constitute a video introduction on this subject-matter to confer-upon to city officials at their weekly examineion. The video introduction should embrace indecent examples of environmental influences and an impost of how each one influences offender trends and patterns . You can constitute the video introduction using Microsoft PowerPoint or another video impression you are free after a while using. Account must be embraced in the video introduction. (THIS WILL BE DONE BY ME) To constitute the video introduction, thrive these steps: Step 1: Research the subject-matter. Embrace at lowest three veritable origins to patronage the main communication, including visuals/graphics. Embrace indecent or past visuals (e.g., photo, table, diagram, chart, etc.) Own at a narrowness of 8 slides after a while inferential debater notes for  each slide if applicable Step 2: Constitute an plan for the introduction in Microsoft Word. The plan should layout how the introduction conquer semblance each top you wish to mould to the assembly and embrace debater notes you conquer use for the account. Write the debater notes as if you are confer-uponing to a speed assembly. Embrace references to origins, including graphics, cited in APA mode. Note: You own to acquiesce the plan after a while the PowerPoint to hold liberal merit for this Assignment. So there conquer demand to be 1 tidings doc and 1 PowerPoint. This assignment must embrace the thriveing Contains a name and references slide/screen Research and visuals are cited in APA citation format, twain in-text and on a References slide/screen and in a detached Microsoft Tidings muniment. You demand to repeat representative taken promptly from a origin. The identical standards for munimenting origins that adduce to an essay, adduce to a introduction. Designed after a while the assembly in sentiment in ordain to notify your viewers environing the subject-matter. Presentation plan should embrace inferential debater notes, and references to origins, including graphics, cited in APA mode. You conquer demand to examine how you evaluated the credibility of the media you used