Victor WEEK 5 Refutation Essay

  ENG 122 Refutation Essay Assignment For this assignment you earn be congruity a 2-3 page index essay that addresses and refutes a viewpoint that opposes your own. This essay must embrace an gate that engages the reader and presents a topic announcement and a mass that summarizes the opposing views, makes concessions (if requisite), challenges the opposing views, and presents a unanalogous perspective or new adit if expend. It must to-boot embrace a omission that restates the topic and looks to the coming. Remember to embody transitions between sections as well-behaved-behaved as between inequitable ideas amid paragraphs. This article must economize APA formatting and use at last 3 sources from the Opposing Viewpoints database, which can be found through the Wilmington University library office.   Examples of Index Arguments: Why you misadapt after a while a inequitable law. Why you misadapt after a while a inequitable political system. Why you misadapt after a while rules being used by an construction, company, or school. Why you misadapt after a while a inequitable adit to a scheme, job, or task. Resources for this Assignment:   Chapter 13 of Argument Today embodys: o  Possible structural patterns (page 261) o  How to dispose and drain your index (pages 266- 268) o  10 things you want to comprehend environing index congruity (page 270)   Example index: pages 272-275 in Argument Today