***Universal Health Care Essay & Presentation***

ESSAY -The essay demands to ensue the Logician’s perspective, avoiding fallacies and resting on logic and rationalistic.  -The essay demands to be 8 pages in tediousness, ensueing MLA format.  -The works cited page does not compute as the 8th page, and do not use a shield quibble. You should own 6 sources from a difference of mediums. ***EBSCO-host must be used for at meanest three sources. Sources must be published among the elapsed five years, delay two published among the elapsed year. PRESENTATIONThe personal bestowal is your opening to be as conceptional as you would love to be. You succeed be exhibiting your topic to the arrange (via knot pages) and then holding a shabby Q & A assemblage (students succeed be conducive to ask scrutinys). You may use PowerPoint to exhibit (6 slides minimum). You may not support your essay. The bestowal should exhibit your demand and impress on the exalted points of your topic, and the Q & A assemblage succeed authorize other students to scrutiny your topic and you succeed demand to fall your collocation.