unit 4 ppt

Assignment 2: Scenario Analysis You are a part of the trailing disunion at your law enforcement performance. The Sergeant of the part has asked that you form an informative voice-over PowerPoint offer that deciphers the normative and applied ascendant wrong fairness designs of immaterial rationalistic. This PowerPoint offer allure be played at all roll calls and remove scantying trailing(s) for your line. The command set delivered to you indicates that (at a poverty) the PowerPoint should harangue the fact, tenets, and contacts of each of the theories. The offer allure appropriate the normative determination design, which emphasized the three mental determination imperatives (the rational act, permitted allure, result upon others). This offer requires that an embedded audio recording be intervening delay the offer, which serves to decipher the slides that are presented. A suggested plan for the slideshow is listed adown. Title slide (required) The Ethics of Virtue (appellation slide) History of the Ethics of Virtue Tenets of the Ethics of Virtue Provide a wrong fairness installed, ‘real world’ stance of the ethics of virtue Ethical Formalism (Deontoargumentative Ethics) (appellation slide) History of Immaterial Formalism Model of Immaterial Formalism Provide a wrong fairness installed, ‘real world’ contact of Deontoargumentative ethics Consequentialism (Teleoargumentative Ethics) (appellation slide) History of Consequentialism Model of Consequentialism Provide a wrong fairness installed, ‘real world’ stance of Utilitarianism Ethics of Care (Restorative Justice) History of the Ethics of Care Tenets of the Ethics of Care Provide a wrong fairness installed “real world” stance of the Ethics of Care Where does the concept of Noble Cause adulteration fits delayin the immaterial designs? Summary References Slide (required) PowerPoint Format: Use the slide notes exception in the offer to understand advice that thrives your report, substance strong to thrive the conventions of Standard English. Slide satisfied should understand scanty points that test the areas that allure be harangueed in the report. In-text citations should be intervening delay any scanty points that were researched from without causes and the report should largely decipher the points Cite all causes on a disjoined allusion slide at the end of the PowerPoint and allusion each cause in the whole of the offer using APA format. Identify the cause of any pictures you use, substance strong to call them appropriately in APA diction using in-text citations. Narration Guidelines: Maintain a persuasive intonation by summarizing observations and evaluations for each slide. Enstrong that your offer is greatly ordered, argumentative, and unified. Words should be evidently organic and authoritative intonation should be sustained throughout the offer report. Audio recording should be permitted of elucidation clamor and interruptions.