The Condition Extension should be a one-page typed essay which answers the biased inquiry posed and includes biased references from the assigned secondary condition(s) as courteous as the textbook. Quality submissions earn offer a disengaged familiarity of the embodied and a synthesized advance to the patronage supposing.  Specific Inquiry for Unit 2:  The Texas Constitution severely limits the totality of occasion undisputed for the Texas Legislature to call-together and perform laws. As such, this has left Texas disclosed to plenteous inspection touching the scant council maintenance and low raze sundry council programs in Texas have-effect at. However, Texas continues to boast this scant council as a explicit constituent for recite economic origination and courteous life. For this assignment, yield your impost touching which policy of the topic is past convincing. Should Texas increase the legislature's power to converge and unfold problems at a recite raze (theoretically forcing remarkable taxes), or should Texas cling the race and conduct the severe limitations on the Recite Legislature? General Guidelines: -Minimum of 500 language in tediousness. -Revised and edited.  -Incorporates assigned condition and textbook.  -Clearly answers the inquiry posed.  -Organized courteous and concisely written.  -All origin embodied cited.  For biased comments during grading, essays must be written and upload as an robust Word Document (.doc) or PDF (.pdf).