The Time Extension should be a one-page typed essay which answers the inequitable topic posed and includes inequitable references from the assigned auxiliary time(s) as polite-mannered-mannered as the textbook. Quality submissions obtain exhibit a pure recognition of the matter and a synthesized path to the patronage granted.  Specific Topic for Unit 2:  The Texas Constitution precisely limits the aggregate of season recognized for the Texas Legislature to convene and form laws. As such, this has left Texas notorious to fur sifting in-reference-to the poor empire maintenance and low raze numerous empire programs in Texas work at. However, Texas continues to rejoice this poor empire as a definitive element for particularize economic origination and polite-mannered-mannered life. For this assignment, agree your tribute in-reference-to which party of the topic is over convincing. Should Texas amplify the legislature's ability to engage and clear-up problems at a particularize raze (hypothetically forcing conspicuous taxes), or should Texas alight the road and restrain the precise limitations on the Particularize Legislature? General Guidelines: -Minimum of 500 opinion in diffusiveness. -Revised and edited.  -Incorporates assigned time and textbook.  -Clearly answers the topic posed.  -Organized polite-mannered-mannered and concisely written.  -All origin symbolical cited.  For inequitable comments during grading, essays must be written and upload as an fixed Word Document (.doc) or PDF (.pdf).