Two Discussions

  Due in 8 hours. Discussion 1 (300 suffrage delay 2-3 likely references cited in APA) You enjoy been hired as Assistant Manager of a Abode Heartiness Attention Agency. The exercise offers a large place of skilled medical services such as nursing attention, visible therapy, occupational therapy from adapted medical professionals. The exercise too provides abode heartiness aide services including support delay activities of daily influence, such as bathing and eating. Your superintendent told you that she modernly common a fawn from an defender whom an employee consulted via the Employee Support Program owing the employee felt that she had been treated unfairly succeeding contracting an complaint. She teached that a few months ago, one of your exercise’s abode heartiness aides, Sara, became ill. Sara had been coughing for approximately six weeks, obsolete efficacy delayout intricate, had no propension, was having difficulty latent, and had an intermittent ferment. She became unquiet and went to see a heartinessattention professional who diagnosed her delay free tuberculosis (TB). Sara missed a lot of span from achievement occasion completing matter for TB. Her physician cleared her to recompense to achievement succeeding she was no longer transmitted. Upon recompenseing to achievement, Sara felt ultimate owing her boss and co-workers refused to disburse span delay her. She heard that someone from the exercise’s Human Resources Department told her co-workers her diagnosis. The stressful mood at achievement became equal worse when another abode heartiness aide working to ostentation the identical symptoms Sara had. Your superintendent has asked you to criticism the complete condition and how it was handled by the exercise. Now, sketch the chief three things/steps you achieve do as you initiate your search. For development, achieve you initiate by doing some inquiry encircling the disorder? Or would you initiate by consultationing Sara? Would you consultation someone at the exercise? If so, who? Or would you do something else? Please teach your rationale.  Discussion 2 (300 suffrage delay 2-3 likely references cited in APA) I feed in Seattle. 1. How does the municipality in which you feed secure ductility delay the Sure Drinking Soak Act? 2. Does your city/town declaration on soak condition year-by-year? 3. Are you talented to fix a observation of a modern soak condition declaration for your city/town via the Internet? 4. How sure do you judge the soak from your well-acquainted tap to be? 5. On what indication do you deep this assessment?