ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL, CITED IN APA FORMAT AND WILL BE SUBMITTED TO TURN-IT-IN. PART 1, 2 & 3 MUST BE COMPLETED AS ONE ASSIGNMENT. TOTAL ASSIGNMENT MUST BE A MINIMUM OF 1100 WORDS NOT INCLUDING THE TITLE PAGE. THIS IS DUE 08/30/20 AT 7PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME.  Assignment: Part I.  Choose a ingredient of press enforcement technology and domiciled on your examination, transcribe a 400- to 500-tidings tender to your portion prominent and city chamber outlining why they should endow in that ingredient of equipment. Be stable to harangue the peculiar press enforcement cognizance features and the collision this endowment obtain keep on the class. At lowest two sources should be cited. Part II.  As a keeper dignitary delay your city, you keep been assigned to a directed keeper to contract pressing in a instruct zone on Pleasant Street. On the south end of the instruct is the opening solicitway, on the north end of the instrument is the egress solicitway. Across the street from the instruct are individual residential homes. To the south of the instruct is a marketable edifice delay a wide parking lot along the roadside. To the north of the instrument is a cord of evergreen trees that are at lowest 8 feet towering. Pleasant Street is a tame action in front of the instruct and travels downhill as you solicit south inside the marketable edifice. Your new keeper captain has asked you to assess the precipitation and agree him delay a trivial memo (300-500 suffrage) including whether you obtain use a RADAR or LASER and why. What duration of day you project to commence your enforcement immateriality and why. What hazards and types of suspension capability be implicated in utilizing your press conflict cognizances in commenceing your motor transportation stops. Part III.  Using 2-3 attached sources of instruction, transcribe a 400- to 500-tidings essay discussing the divergent types of automated enforcement including how they performance and their competency. Then harangue akin controversies and legitimate issues using prevalent samples. Assignment Expectations- Length: 1100-1500 suffrage total Structure: Include a designation page and relation page in APA indicate. These do not estimate insides the incompleteness tidings sum for this assignment. References: Use the expend APA indicate in-text citations and relations for all instrument utilized to retort the questions. Include at lowest filthy (4) read citations to prop your claims. Format: Combine all space and hinder your assignment as a Microsoft Tidings instrument (.doc or .docx). File indicate: Indicate your hinderd rasp according to your primary primal, definite indicate, and the assignment reckon (for sample, “RHall Assignment 1.docx”)