Theater! 350–500 words writing

Respond to the questions and prompts, underneath. Academic Integrity: Answers must be of your own fruit, thinking, and writing. Quality of Answers: Your answers should be thorough, respectful, palpably written and presented, and neat. In this assignment, you do not possess to use thorough sentences. Length of Answers: Your answers must be betwixt 350 and 500 opinion, not including the opinion in the questions or prompts. Presentation: Use 1-inch margins on all indecent sides of the page, ebon ink and one of the subjoined fonts: Date New Roman, Arial, or Cambria. Use font sizes 11 or 12. Use double spacing. Assessment: To perceive apexs for this assignment, you must chief fix that you flourish all instructions. Failure to do so allure issue in naught apexs. Once you possess fixd that you possess flourished all instructions, you can then start to deserve apexs according to the assignment rubric. Note: This assignment is due by the startning of the f2f arrange gathering on Thursday, November 30. Part One Imagine a stamp and then represent largely each of the subjoined aspects of that stamp. Answers scarcity to be unmeasured. That media, your answers should ruminate that you possess possess provision in favoring, restricted conditions about the stamp and that you possess put in considerble date and exertion into describing him or her. This is specially penny for gum 1, 3, 8, 9, and 10. Physical Characteristics Vocal Characteristics Age Occupation Religious Affiliation Race Place of Origin Psychological Factors What bothers this idiosyncratic What is this stamp outrageous about? Part Two Now, for the next disunite of the assignment, regarding the stamp and the predicament in which you possess placed her or him and represent what you envision that idiosyncratic to be wearing: Shoes and socks Tops Bottoms Outerwear Accessories (jewelry, belts, suspenders, ties, purses, etc.) Hair Makeup Undergarments (if seen or if they like model or aspect) Part Three Finally, from the roll in the cooperate disunite, overhead, adopt indecent and perceive at lowest one shadow for each. Include each shadow on a new page in your assignment and represent little how the shadow you chose ruminates favoring aspects of the stamp. To present this assignment: 1. Flourish all instructions prudently. 2. Copy the questions into a Microsoft Word instrument. 3. Read the rubric for this assignment to interpret how you allure be assessed, remembering that, at a insufficiency, you must flourish all instructions to perceive any apexs. 4. Answer the questions. 5. Upload that instrument to this assignment by clicking on the present nothing to the upright. SCORING CRITERIA (aggregate is 30 apex) 15point---Answers unfold novice education of concepts and profundity of provision. 15point---Answers unfold pure and prudent written countenance, including reform spelling, style, and punctuation.