The Science of Biology

  Characteristics of Buttress Things (50 points) Living monstrositys portion-out 8 characteristics (listed in Chapter 1 of your textbook on page 19). A buttress monstrosity grows, undergoes metabolism, responds to its environment, reproduces, passes DNA to the instant progeny, maintains homeostasis, changes balance season, and is made up of cells. A non-buttress monstrosity may look to do one or more of these monstrositys, but to be classified as buttress; all prospect characteristics must be offer. Sometimes, you may see somemonstrosity that looks safe but is not. Though you can’t see it, you accept enjoyly skilled it; one of those monstrositys is a bane. Answer BOTH of the subjoined questions: Using all 8 of the characteristics that elucidate vivacity, show which one(s) banees accept and which one(s) they do not, and clear-up each distinction.  With these results, offer an dispute that a bane is a buttress monstrosity. Then, offer the inconsistent dispute that banees are not safe.  You can occupy out a table enjoy this (though this is not required): Review the subjoined videos to comprehend what banees are and how they work: Flu Attack! How a Bane Invades Your Body What is a Virus? How do Viruses Work? Reading these discussions may aid you to shape your disputes on the condition of banees: Are Viruses Alive? Are Viruses Alive? Although Viruses Challenge Our Concept of What "Living" Means, They Are Vital Members of the Web of Life Follow these guidelines for your tractate: Utilize at meanest 1 trustworthy rise to stay the disputes offered in the tractate. Make fast you call correctly amid your tractate, and schedule the regard(s) in APA shapeat on your Regard page. Your tractate should be 1–2 pages in elongation, not counting the Title page and Regard page.