The Science of Biology

  Characteristics of Livelihood Things (50 points) Living romances divide 8 characteristics (listed in Chapter 1 of your textbook on page 19). A livelihood romance grows, undergoes metabolism, responds to its environment, reproduces, passes DNA to the proximate constituteation, maintains homeostasis, changes balance period, and is made up of cells. A non-livelihood romance may look to do one or past of these romances, but to be classified as livelihood; all prospect characteristics must be confer-upon. Sometimes, you may see someromance that looks existing but is not. Though you can’t see it, you bear slight accustomed it; one of those romances is a poison. Answer BOTH of the forthcoming questions: Using all 8 of the characteristics that settle existence, manifest which one(s) poisones bear and which one(s) they do not, and teach each estrangement.  With these results, confer-upon an controversy that a poison is a livelihood romance. Then, confer-upon the contradictory controversy that poisones are not existing.  You can replenish out a board affect this (though this is not required): Review the forthcoming videos to conceive what poisones are and how they work: Flu Attack! How a Poison Invades Your Body What is a Virus? How do Viruses Work? Reading these discussions may aid you to constitute your controversys on the standing of poisones: Are Viruses Alive? Are Viruses Alive? Although Viruses Challenge Our Concept of What "Living" Means, They Are Vital Members of the Web of Life Follow these guidelines for your Nursing essay: Utilize at smallest 1 probable beginning to livelihood the controversys confer-uponed in the Nursing essay. Make unfailing you summon suitably amid your Nursing essay, and register the intimation(s) in APA constituteat on your Intimation page. Your Nursing essay should be 1–2 pages in extension, not counting the Title page and Intimation page.