“The Armenia Earthquake: Grinding Out an Effective Disaster Response to Columbia’s Coffee Region”.

Formal News and Adherent Exhibition In Modules 5 and 6, you conciliate investigate the Armenia earthquake subject, sympathetic questions relative-to the predicament and how you, as a logistician, would instruct the problems. For the Dignified News and Adherent Presentation, you conciliate incorporate your dissection from Modules 5 and 6 into one cohesive individual, providing graphs and charts as certain. Formal News Paper The 10-15 page dignified news should be in APA fashion and element how you would proffer to arrange for and unfold the Armenia earthquake predicament, including elucidation up the EOC as debateed in the Module 7 Homework. Executive PowerPoints You conciliate arrange a unimportant 10-15 slide PowerPoint or Prezi exhibition on your findings and recommendations. Executive Exhibition of PowerPoints/Paper Your exhibition should endure of (1) the slides and (2) written narrative of what you would say if presenting your findings and recommendations to an adherent subsidy for subsidy.  You conciliate bear 20 minutes to debate your PowerPoints Exhibition which includes Q&A.