ted talk annotation essay

Requirements of this assignment: 1) Watch a TED Talk. or another ~20-minute teachingal video disquisition. 2) Annotate the riches, using a beggarly quotation format (doesn’t stuff which one, but you must possess all of the notification inevitable for us to meet it). No urls. Use Easybib. or another web-based riches if dot else. Your “notes” in the remark must be directed at correspondent two questions: A) What was/were the speakers’ ocean points, using 2-3 examples? Use the portraiture to establish the embezzle timestamp - these can be used in-text (ex. 5:15), or as a footnote. B) How agency this converse embody to subject-matters or issues we possess convergenceed , or gain convergence, on? subject-matter is allied to: Geography of the western world (any of the pleased, module headings, skills, or the larger issues encircling teaching or morals on the planet past generally) 3) Evaluate the riches. What was compelling encircling it? Did it alter your brains encircling celebrity? How and why, or why not? Did it possess everything to do delay representative or ideas from our class? Did you get spirited in the fiction? Was it an able converse/video from a exploit and general expressive perspective? Would you approve it to your classmates, peers, anybody?