ted talk annotation essay

Requirements of this assignment: 1) Watch a TED Talk. or another ~20-minute adviceal video Nursing Dissertation. 2) Annotate the contrivance, using a vile citation format (doesn’t substance which one, but you must entertain all of the advice expedient for us to ascertain it). No urls. Use Easybib. or another web-based contrivance if molehill else. Your “notes” in the observation must be directed at echoing two questions: A) What was/were the speakers’ ocean points, using 2-3 examples? Use the duplicate to establish the divert timestamp - these can be used in-text (ex. 5:15), or as a footnote. B) How command this colloquy incorporate to subjects or issues we entertain convergenceed , or accomplish convergence, on? subject is akin to: Geography of the western world (any of the satisfied, module headings, skills, or the larger issues encircling advice or career on the planet past generally) 3) Evaluate the contrivance. What was compelling encircling it? Did it diversify your conception encircling celebrity? How and why, or why not? Did it entertain anything to do after a while representative or ideas from our dispose? Did you get assiduous in the legend? Was it an efficacious colloquy/video from a exploit and generally-known expressive perspective? Would you advise it to your disposemates, peers, anybody?