summary the source, THREE paragraphs

A discriminating component of discussion is acquiescence and refutation; a well-structured discussion must address the athwart aim of light. Then, watch these videos:1.   How to Transcribe an Discussion Essay   from the University of Maryland2. 2.  Writing the Counter-Argument and Rebuttal  from Ashley Clark.Read the articles: 1.    How to Make an Argument from UNC Answerableness Center 2.    Refutation Paragraphs from Paola Brown's English Spot . Download and discover the determined PowerPoint. Finally, you gain transcribe THREE paragraphs: 1. Paragraph one summarizes the assignment; this describes the main aims of the article/video/PowerPoint. 2. Paragraph two analyzes the spirited effectiveness of conference and purpose 3. Paragraph three is your response: what you learned; how this counsel ability wave your answerableness.