Strategies for Counseling Parents and Adolescents

*This is 2 different assignments but they use the corresponding media that I fixed*   Discussion: Strategies for Counseling Parents and Adolescents Adolescence is a very influential opportunity in the sexual vivacity cycle. Physical ripeness takes settle, increased collective interaction occurs, and people originate to explore intimacy. Parents are calm?} a elder wave in their posterity’s lives and can own an collision on their posterity’s emerging sexuality. As posterity progress into juvenility, thus-far, the wave of peers befits increasingly powerful. Therefore, as promotive administratives it is influential to deem how these waves interpenetrate delay posterity’s and infantines’ singular questions and experiences delay sexuality throughout their product. Post by Day 5 an expoundation of two strategies that you, as a promotive administrative, wave use to acceleration the parents in the “Online Snooping Case Study” effectively tell delay their cadet environing sex and sexuality. Explain two issues that would be influential to discontinuity and why. Be unmistakable to food your postings and responses delay peculiar regards to the media.  Application: Dating, Sex, and Romance: Juvenility and Digital Media In their expression, “Sex, Sexuality, Sexting and Sex Ed,” researchers Brown, Keller, and Stern (2009) propound that the Internet has befit a sex education collocate. Based on this expression, demonstrate a weboffice that a teen may estimate to understand over environing dating, sex, or fictitious affection, initiative caution to not conceive pornographic offices. Analyze how a teen may expound the counsel presented on the weboffice and debate whether you estimate this office as having a fixed or privative collision on the sexual productal way of a teen. What would you shift on the office? What do you see as advantageous? The Assignment (2- to 3-page disquisition): Analyze a weboffice (not pornographic) that may school an infantine on dating, sex, and/or fictitious affection. Make unmistakable to stipulate the weboffice discontinuity (URL). Identify and debate implications of the weboffice on an infantine’s estimate on  relationships and sexuality. What collision would these messages own on the sexual productal way of a teen? How wave this weboffice wave an infantine’s mind of adult sexuality and fictitious relationships? Support your Assignment delay peculiar regards to all media used in its making-ready. You are to stipulate a regard schedule for all media, including those in the media for this continuity.