strategic business

Create a SWOT segregation for Tesla. Refer to twain Table 4.3 and Figure 4.2 in your textbook. List Tesla’s strengths, weaknesses, and germinative opportunities and threats. Be confident to understand these in your pamphlet by either listing them or creating a diagram alike to Figure 4.2. Then transcribe your conclusions and implications of the segregation. Lastly, produce at smallest two recommendations grounded on this segregation. Explain your reasons for these recommendations. © PENN FOSTER, INC. 2017 CASE ANALYSIS PAGE 3 Graded Project 2. Grounded on what you’ve peruse about Mercedes-Benz acquiring a jeopard in Tesla and strategic dissectnerships from your citation, what are the germinative pitfalls of this confederation? Do these pitfalls exercise in Tesla’s subject, given their questionable prudence? Explain why. 3. What likeness of shifting diplomacy does the embark of Tesla Energy represent: related or unconnected? Explain why. Does Tesla Energy’s new profession confront the three tests of municipal utility? 4. What skin of perpendicular integration diplomacy did Tesla select for its arrangement and supply fastenings: awkward or bold integration? What are the utilitys of its chosen strategies? What are the disadvantages? 5. In reviewing Tesla’s manufacturing diplomacy, does the dissect of Tesla’s appreciate fastening it outsources create strategic soundness? Explain why or why not. 6. Which of the five general strategies is Tesla pursuing delay its marketing diplomacy? Explain. 7. What are the key elements of Tesla’s cultivation? What problems do you divine that Elon Musk procure accept in supported that cultivation amid growing two-of-a-trade? Explain.